Optima Tax Relief Reviews Three New IRS Collection Agencies

As of Thursday, September 23, 2021, the IRS signed three new collection agencies for past tax debts. Taxpayers with unpaid bills can expect to hear from one of these new agencies regarding their case: CBE Group Inc., Coast Professional, Inc., and ConServe.

If you’re already dealing with a collection agency, your case may be passed on to one of these new agencies.

What you should know about IRS collection agencies:

The IRS is notorious for sending out letters to inform taxpayers of updates in their case, especially when bills are past due. You can expect a letter outlining the recent changes in collection agencies. This letter will also include vital information to your case, such as which agency it was assigned to and their contact information.

The private collection agency (PCA) will also contact you to establish who they are and what they do. As a contractor, collection agencies do not have authorization to take any action against you, the taxpayer. Representatives must provide fair and respectful service, as outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Establishing trust with a PCA

Being contacted by a new collection agency can be both frustrating and suspicious. After all, the representatives have a job to do, and it is to collect a debt. The PCA you’re assigned to will send a letter confirming your account transfer before calling you. To be certain that you’re speaking with a real PCA, they should identify themselves as IRS contractors collecting tax debt.

Optima Tax Relief reviews case with unmanageable tax burdens and provides representation to keep agencies at bay. With legal representation, agencies cannot continue to contact you directly.

Payment agreements

The mission of an IRS collection agency is to get you on a payment plan to pay back your debt. You should know that they are authorized to discuss payment options and create plans; however, payments must be made directly to the IRS. If you are paying by check, the checks should be payable to the United States Treasury. Do not send money to a collection agency.

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