PushPress Cultivating the Art of Fitness

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

– Buddha

Fitness can mean anything to anyone because each individual views fitness differently. One thing that everyone agrees to when fitness is being discussed is that it refers to one’s overall well-being and optimal health. With time, the meaning of fitness has evolved and has started including various aspects from other disciplines. Now, in the 21st century, fitness has become more of a lifestyle. It is the birth of a new religion, with everyone wanting to stay fit. It has become a noble quest in modern life, and it is this quest that PushPress is also encouraging. 

In simple words, PushPress is a fitness business. Founded in 2011, located in the United States of America, the company aims to provide Fitness Business Management Software as a Service (SaaS). PushPress falls in the health and fitness industries, with Dan Uyemura as the CEO. Uyemura is a fitness enthusiast and is someone who has worked on startups his whole career. He has only recently sold off his second gym to prepare to focus more on PushPress. Even though Uyemura is one of the company’s key persons, there are other people also who stand behind its success. With Chris McConachie being the Product Director and Brian Aung being the COO, PusPress continues to soar high. Conachie is on a mission to offer the most natural tools for coaches, gym owners, and members to succeed. Aung, on the other hand, has a more diverse background. He has been a former banker, computer programmer, affiliate athlete, and with such a diverse experience in various fields, Aung works to keep the PushPress machine running smoothly.

PushPress works and lives by three crucial values. First, the company believes that nothing can really replace experience. It believes that experience alone helps them shape their products and services. It is only by working with renowned gym members and staying in the field for all these years that PushPress has been able to acquire this experience. The company takes pride in all the experience it has because it knows that it isn’t something that can be bought through money. 

Secondly, PushPress believes that it can help people find more happiness and health by providing systems and tools to help gym owners acquire success. The company aims to make the world a happier and healthier place, with one gym client at a time. Lastly, PushPress believes in small teams of highly experienced and extremely qualified people. The company is swift with its working, getting things done in a swift manner, and meddles with less management and less bureaucracy. In addition, the company’s experience, staff, and guidance are something that its competitors cannot replicate because it is intangible and unique to the company.

In all these years, PushPress has been able to cultivate the art of fitness. The art of fitness lies in seeing how one’s body moves, even how one’s body responds and adapts to exercise. PushPress has been able to master this art by offering various products. Core by PushPress, for instance, is a gym management software that scales as one grows one’s studio or gym. Sites by PushPress is a gym website designed for people to engage and attract more clients. Grow by PushPress is a system that converts more leads into paying clients and automates one’s lead engagement. Lastly, Branded App by PushPress is a completely built out app for one’s clients to use with one’s branding on it. 

PushPress has succeeded in embracing and implementing the art of fitness by doing all the work that it has. Fitness is indeed an art, along with it being a science. In the current age, the fitness world has specially adapted art to make the whole experience of getting healthy and of working out a more gripping experience. Not only have gyms and fitness centers started to include artworks, but they have also started using music which is another form of art. There are many ways in which fitness can be seen as an art. The different kinds of exercises can all be considered as art. The martial arts workouts such as Kung Fu or boxing, even dancing can be perceived as Hip-hop, Jazz, even ballet. A number of art principles and elements are used in fitness too. Patterns, variety, even harmony are all used in various aspects of fitness. PushPress, having done intricate work in the field of fitness, is one company that has been able to redefine fitness as an art. 


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team