OBC Net Banking – How to Login Into OBC Net Banking Portal?

Net Banking is also known as internet banking or online banking. In the age of technology, every single bank offers this facility to its valuable customers. For this facility, customers do not need to visit the branch. Everything can be done online. This facility made our life easier. Those days are gone when people visit the bank for deposit and withdrawal and stand in the queue for a longer period of time. Now for both deposit and withdrawal, you can do it from home.

All you need to have internet connectivity, a smartphone, or your system. Most people moved to net banking due to various reasons.

  • 24/7 availability- This is the most important benefit of net banking. You can avail of the service round the clock. If you visit the bank, they have a fixed time for customer dealing. But in online banking, you can access your account 24/7. No question of time restrictions. This is a great advantage and facility for those who cannot visit the bank due to hectic office schedules and senior citizens.
  • Easily operate- Operating Net banking is very easy. It’s really simple and easier than to visit the branch for an account issue. For any issue, you need to tell your problem to the banking employee, and then they will take your complaint forward, so it will take time.
  • Save your time- Another important feature is time-saving. You can save your time by not going to the branch. You can access it anytime from anywhere. Cool right?
  • Convenient-Last but not least, convenient. You do not have to leave all your work behind and stand in the long queue and wait for your turn. You can make the payment from any place and can open your account as well.

If you want to avail of the net banking service, you have to visit the bank’s official website. Suppose you have an account in Oriental Bank of Commerce. You have to visit the official site of OBC so that you can use the internet banking system. You have to create a profile so that every time you log in, you need to put your registered ID and password. Here we will talk about OBC net banking, how you can access it, the benefits of this, etc.

What are the benefits of OBC net banking?

OBC or Oriental bank of commerce offers the net banking facility to the customers. If anyone has an account in their bank, you can easily avail of their net banking service. Just activate or register the OBC net banking facility. Download the OBC app; from there, you can easily access your account. You can run the app on both apple and android. Let’s have a look at the benefits of this,

Now open your FD or fixed deposit account online, do not have to fill any form manually, submit, and wait for your turn. Now everything can be done just with one click.

  • Make the merchant payment
  • Electricity bill and water bill can be paid online
  • Transfer the funds easily
  • Purchasing general insurance has become easy
  • You can easily activate or deactivate your credit or debit card within a minute
  • Make the mutual funds investment, or you can issue the forex card online
  • If you have any ongoing loan, you can track it through OBC net banking

Requirements for OBC Net Banking

The net banking procedure of the Oriental Bank of commerce is very simple. If you have an account in the oriental bank of commerce and want to access the online banking service, just follow the below-mentioned steps for registration and activation. Before you register for the process, make sure you have all the below-mentioned documents with you,

  • Your bank account number
  • Debit card number and also the ATM Pin which is linked with the bank account
  • The PAN details or the DOB details which is mentioned in the bank records
  • Keep the mobile with you for OTP verification

How to login into OBC Net Banking?

Once you are done with the OBC net banking registration, you can log in to the account. For login, you would need the username and the password to access the services. Let’s see what steps you can follow to log in to the page are;

Step 1– Visit the official website of OBC and click on the login part. If you are a corporate user or retail user, select the corporate user login or retail user login.

OBC net banking

Step 2- After clicking on the retail user’s login option, a new page will open. Now enter your user ID and put your password and click on login.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can log in to the OBC net banking account by putting your user ID and password. Or, for more queries, dial the toll-free numbers.

How to reset the password and user ID of OBC net banking?

Multiple times, we forget the user id and password of our account, and we want to change it for security issues. Many people do not know how to change or reset the id and password. So here is the step.

  • As usual, you need to visit the Oriental Bank of Commerce website and put your user id and password. Automatically it will show that this is incorrect and the “forgot password” option would appear. Click on that.
  • Enter the PAN details or your DOB and your user ID and submit.
  • After the information validation, you will receive an OTP in your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and click to continue.
  • The next step is to enter the last remembered ATM PIN, your card number, the expiry date, and now select your type of account and click to continue.
  • After successful ATM PIN authentication, a new page will appear for a password reset. Now put in the new password and click on save and submit. After compilation, you will receive a message.

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