What Are The Benefits of IOB Internet Banking Service?

Today, the world is much closer, and we all are connected globally. And due to development and innovation, we are associated more with our loved ones or relatives, or friends. We can connect with anyone living in any part of the world. Similarly, we can check our bank account statement, bank balance, last transaction, etc., 365 days a year with 24×7 from anywhere in the world with the iob net banking.

We can also send money worldwide with this net banking. It is fast, secure, and easy to use. Anyone living abroad needs money through this net banking anyone can send money to loved ones or friends, and the fund will be deposited to his/her account.

IOB Net Banking Benefits –

  • Send money 24×7

Through this net banking, we can send money 24×7. We can send money to our loved ones, friends, family members, or anyone seven days a week. We can log in to the portal or website of an Indian overseas bank or through a mobile application. We can send money with IMPS immediate payment service or through NEFT. It also has international branches scattered all over the world, and the procedure of sending money abroad is easy without any hassle-free.

  • Send money through Swift

IOB is a member of swift. Through swift, we can send money abroad, and it is fast we only need to ask the person we are sending the money the Swift code to send money abroad, and then we can visit the bank for international remittance transfer will be done. Every bank has a swift code to send money internationally. Swift code is the facility to send money abroad also, with IOB net banking or mobile applicationwe can see our bank balance, last transactions, and many more, and also we can use this portal to login from anywhere in the world 24×7.

  • Through wire transfer

It is also one of the fastest ways to send money abroad only we need to login to the website, and we can send money to our friends, family members, and so on. Wire transfer means sending money electronically, also known as bank transfer. In this process, the money is sent to the following person’s bank account by asking the bank account details and the person’s name to whom we are sending the money. Most of the work is done online, and we can send money abroad with this process with iob net banking.

  • Easy process to net banking

We can log in to net banking through the website or with the help of a Smartphone by downloading the mobile application, and we can send money, check our bank balance, account statement, etc. The procedure of login is easy, and everyone can use it. First, we need to go to the website of net banking. We need to put the username and password, which is used the first time we log in to net banking. It is simple, and now we can go to different sections we want to use for banking. The areas include Accounts, IPO, Edit profile, Remittances, BBPS, IOB Cards, Tax payments, Utility Payments.

  • Number of features

Using net banking, we get more features. The first and foremost feature of net banking is free of cost, and it is 24×7 available seven days a week. We can access our bank account anywhere in the world. We can see our last transactions through iob net banking, which helps monitor all the transactions; we can also request a checkbook without a visit to a bank. View the PPF account, check account balance, and many more. Today we have the technology which makes our life simple when it comes to internet banking. We can also make payment online for utility payments which we use everyday gas, electricity, etc. We can also make payments for insurance; mobile post-paid or prepaid, credit card, and Internet charges or DTH.

  • Pay credit card bill

We can pay credit card bills through iob net banking to any bank. First, we need to log in to net banking, then we need to add the credit card details, and once the credit card details are approved, we can make the payment of our credit card bill from the iob net banking website. Paying the credit card bill, we need to fill up the details the name of the bank where we will send the money, IFSC code the bank branch details the 16 digit credit card number, how much money we are transferring, and the last transaction code then for security we will get an OTP in our phone. Now we have sent the credit card bill.

  • 24×7 customer support

The bank has 24×7 customer support related to any queries. Suppose any customer faces any issue while logging in to net banking, or the account balance is not showing in the net banking or any other problem. In that case, the technicians will help resolve any banking queries without visiting the bank, saving transportation costs and time. They have highly skilled technicians round the clock for any help or any assistance related to banking issues. It is helpful to the customer who will never have to worry about any problem related to net banking. For security, the customer support team will help with any assistance.

  • Multiple Login Concept

When we registered with net banking and later on when we log in, we sometimes forget to log out. Still, with iob net banking, security is more important, so this net banking will generate an OTP next time we log in to the website for additional security measures.

To Sum It Up

Due to the rise in technology today, we can send money to any part of the world. We can have all the banking features 24×7 with iob net banking without going to the bank to check our bank balance or any other service-related queries related to banking.


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