Moving to Alaska: All You Need To Know

If you have decided to move to cross country movers in Alaska. We are sure you would like to know the basics of this city. Well, to make your search easy. We have listed all you must know about this place. But before we move on to the list. Let us tell you something interesting – Alaska real estate is flourishing which means you can look for property here. 

10 Things to Know About Alaska 

#1: Annual State Fair 

The Alaska State Fair happens yearly. It hosts roughly 300,000 individuals at this festival. People from different cities come to visit particularly to attend this fair. 

#2: Weather Conditions 

The weather in Alaska is quite harsh. For some, it is as bad as getting punished. The coldness in the air and snow ask for more warmth. 

#3: Job Opportunities 

Finding a job in Alaska is not a big problem. People find jobs easily, sometimes in the very first week of making this place their home. 

#4: Native Heritage 

Native heritage is amazing and you have a lot to explore! For example, the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics is said to be the tourist’s and resident’s spot. 

#5: Bears Roam Freely

Bears roam freely. In Alaska, you will see nature as close as you would ever dream. However, keeping yourself away from danger is necessary. 

#6: Dating Experience and Scene 

Since locals are extremely friendly, dating is quite something to experience. 

#7: Get Paid for Living in Alaska 

Interestingly, it is not a myth that PFD (permanent fund dividend) is given to residents after living for one year in Alaska. What does it mean? You are paid for living in Alaska.

#8: Commute and Transport 

This place is so big that you will need to take an airplane or boat to discover the entire city. That’s the reason why at times it becomes really difficult to live as well as work in Alaska. 

#9: High Living Cost 

High living cost makes this place a bit expensive. If we check the percentage and compare it with other cities. We will know it is 28% more than other cities. 

#10: Fashion and Friendliness 

People are quite friendly and don’t care how you dress. Even if you wear long coats and hats in one of the events, it will not bother others. So yeah! Come and enjoy however you want. You will not be judged.

If you are still skeptical about whether Alaska is calling your name or not. Take three words from us – snow, events, nature! Are these words enticing you? In case you nod your head. It is meant for you and hell yes, the city is calling your name!