Mohamed Abdelhay Adds New Dimensions to His Digital Art & Photography

Mohamed Abdelhay is a man of many talents. An Egyptian digital visual artist, he is also an acknowledged photographer and graphic designer. Mohamed Abdelhay is also an expert in restoring the old photographs. 

Mohamed Abdelhay is 24 years old. But at this young age, he is known widely for his mastery in these fields. He is also engaged in philanthropy. 

Though he has earned a very good name in his areas of specializations, his expertise in restoring the old distorted photographs have given him a special status among the people. He corrects those old and distorted photographs to make them look recent. 

Mohamed Abdelhay does this with his knowledge and expertise gained on computer graphics and digital technology.

Mohamed Abdelhay was born in the ancient township of Giza in Egypt.

He has carved out a place for himself in graphic designing, photo editing, digital marketing and photography. He has attained mastery over all these fields. 

Mohamed Abdelhay creates unique visual arts using various computer programs and received an international certificate for his continuous creativity in taking photos in Egypt and combining them with some designs. 

He is engaged in putting forth all his efforts to popularize the ancient and traditional forms of arts of Egypt through digital restoration and touch of computer graphical art. This effort of Mohamed Abdelhay certainly will go a long way to put Egypt in the map of global art. 

Since he shoots photos of different natural phenomena that can only be seen in Egypt, this ancient and historic land can occupy its befitting place in global art. Mohamed Abdelhay says nature attracts everybody in the world and this is very natural as we don’t exist without nature. 

Therefore, he says, the nature photography has a great future. He further wants to brighten the future of nature photography internationally. 

Mohamed Abdelhay already earned a big name for himself in nature photography and his photographs on different forms of nature have already received international acclaim. The reason behind this is an aesthetic sense, deep knowledge of nature and ability to create visually strong photographs.

Mohamed Abdelhay has very good knowledge of artist photo editing, photography, digital marketing, and computer technology and in computer graphic art. This can be greatly helpful in adding aesthetics to such photographs thus raising mass appeal in them. It can help Egypt find a prominent place in the area of nature photography. 

Mohamed Abdelhay regularly posts his photographs and digital arts on Instagram for his followers. He is one of the most popular personalities on the social media platform. He is also very popular among the youth. 

He holds a Diploma in Digital Art and Graphic Design and also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from MSA University. He has blended his academic knowledge with his mastery in computer graphics. As a result of these two combinations, his works are unique. 

Mohamed Abdelhay is also engaged in philanthropy and gives his valuable artworks free of cost to others and also helped several people by using Instagram as a platform to reach out to him. This has tremendously helped the people to restore old and memorable photographs.


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