The Growing Popularity of Cannabis is Expanding Economic Activities In The Form Of Cannabis Tourism

Cannabis is legal in the US as most states have legalized recreational marijuana besides CBD, an extract of the cannabis plant well known for its medicinal properties that have benefited many people worldwide.  Until 2019, 33 of the 50 states in the US have made it legal to use cannabis for recreational or medical purposes. However, there is no federal law that legalizes weed across the country as Canada did in 2018. The result of the country-wide legality was visible immediately as it gave a big thrust to tourism. The flow of cannabis lovers to Canada increased rapidly as they wanted to use the liberty of consuming weed without the slightest concern about stepping on the wrong side of the law. This is also evident in Colorado and California that leverage the legislation to build an industry around weed or pot tourism.

No more a basement drug

Gone are the days when people looked upon cannabis as a shady drug that many preferred to call basement drug meant for discreet consumption by evading the law. It was risky even to consume it within the confines of your home. As time progressed and the popularity of cannabis kept rising, it showed enormous economic prospects that could boost the country’s economy. It accelerated the introduction of laws to legalize cannabis and leverage its economic power by promoting tourism at places where weed earned legal recognition. Moreover, cannabis is now readily available online from stores like, which has boosted its popularity.

Capturing the economic benefits

The rise of the cannabis industry has triggered enormous possibilities to expand the economy revolving around weed that is no more a taboo. People are more open to consuming cannabis on a larger scale to reap its medicinal benefits accompanied by its recreational qualities. It is even possible to buy cannabis products like CBD exclusively meant for health benefits. The cannabis industry is evolving fast and offering products and niches that expand the choice of users.

Cannabis tours

The travel and tourism industry has got a shot in the arm due to the legalization of cannabis products. Tour operators offer all-inclusive tours to large groups of friends and even create packages for individuals like cannabis newbies and connoisseurs looking to get the most from the easy and legal availability of cannabis products.

Whether you are a seasoned cannabis smoker or just trying it out the first time, embarking on a cannabis tour gives enormous opportunities to expand your knowledge and catch up with the latest offerings of the cannabis industry. First-timers who aspire to turn into cannabis connoisseurs someday can latch on to the opportunities offered by cannabis tours that allow them to dive deep into the cannabis world.

The cannabis tours are a great way to experience the world of cannabis by visiting ‘grow rooms’ and head shops and dispensaries and restaurants, which provide great insights about the enticing herb that has created a compelling attraction for people through the ages.