Kratom: Health Benefits And Associated Risks

Finding a medicine that originated from nature and which causes no harm is very
difficult nowadays. There is a herb or leaves from the coffee family known as
Kratom which is the solution to a lot of problems and diseases nowadays. It is
most common in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Today, we are going to look
into some of the possible benefits and risks Kratom comes with. So, buckle up!

Benefits Of Kratom:

It can be consumed in different ways, either through direct ingestion or using its
dried leaves as a tea by boiling them in water. No proper experimentation is done
to check the associated benefits and risks with it, but still, it is widely used in the
world for different purposes. Some of its known benefits are;

  1. There are different kinds of pain such as acute or chronic, nociceptive, or
    neuropathic. Kratom can treat all kinds of pain and is consumed worldwide
    as a pain-relieving herb. It binds to pain receptors in the bodyÔÇÖs central
    nervous system or other parts and helps in alleviating pain.
  2.  There are different kinds of hormones present in our body responsible for
    different purposes. There is a hormone, corticosterone, responsible for
    mood changes in our body. So, utilization of Kratom reduces the level of
    this hormone and thus, reduces depression, anxiety, and related mental
    disorders. An experiment has been done on mice that showed the
    reduction in corticosterone levels after consuming Kratom leaves.
  3. As discussed, different hormones are responsible for different roles in our
    bodies. So, acetylcholine is responsible for improving focus and
    concentration. So, Kratom increases the level of acetylcholine and in turn,
    improves focus and cognitive properties. Increasing focus increases the
    productivity of the person and helps him work better and excel in life.
  4. Kratom mimics the effects of drugs but the person is not addicted to the
    drug and it also causes no harm to the individual.

Risks Associated With Kratom:

Everything has benefits but also comes with certain risks. As nothing is good or
bad, it is the use that makes it so. So, some of the risks associated with using
Kratom are as follows.

  1. Consuming Kratom in a large amount welcomes certain side effects such as
    dry mouth, liver damage, weight loss, muscle pain, and changes in urine, and
    constipation. It also causes severe nausea, vomiting, and chills.
  2. Over consumption of Kratom causes disruption in the nervous system and
    causes damage to the mind. Due to this, the person faces dizziness,
    depression, anxiety, drowsiness, hallucinations, and even death. It also
    causes seizures, tremors, psychosis, and other serious toxic effects.
  3. The quantity of Kratom should be monitored to keep in check its associated
    effects. The effects start to become visible after 5 to 10 minutes and last for
    4 to 5 hours.
  4. If we mix Kratom with other medications, it may cause other adverse
    effects and the person might end up dying.
  5. Kratom causes the consumer to become immune to it and so he is unable
    to leave it when used regularly. The people who consume it daily suffer
    from certain disorders such as decreased hunger, insomnia, hot flashes in
    the body alongside anger and depression issues. So, it is more harmful to
    the individual if taken in excess quantity, so it is more addictive than a drug.

So, as discussed, Kratom has certain benefits but also comes with associated risks
which cause much harm to the person. From various experimentations, it is
advised that it should be ingested to a minimum amount, such as 5g in one week.
Otherwise, it may lead to death and other severe issues as discussed in this
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