Seven Mistakes to Avoid While Vaping

Selecting the wrong vape device will affect your overall vaping experience. Not taking care of your vape battery can lead to frustration if you have to vape instantly to satisfy your cravings. Failure to carry out regular maintenance of a vaping device means it could break down someday. 

This and many more are the mistakes many people make while vaping. While many have accepted vaping as a less invasive way of getting nicotine, one still needs to acquire the skill and learn the ropes to avoid mistakes that could lead to an overall bad experience. 

As a result, here are possible mistakes that you should be aware of. Taking note of them can make your vaping experience more enjoyable and satisfy your cravings.

1. Inadequate care of Your Vape Device Battery

The battery is the part that fuels your device. There are several essential maintenance tips one needs to observe with the vape battery. It should be charged regularly with the recommended charger. Also, it is a good idea to turn the device off whenever it is not in use. This habit will avoid unnecessary battery drainage. 

Also, make sure you do not overcharge the device. Plugging it over the night is not recommended. When storing, avoid leaving them in hot places as excessive temperatures might shorten the lifespan. 

2. The Right VG to PG concentration

Many vapers do not care to understand the VG and PG and the right ratio’s meaning and significance. While PG (Propylene Glycol) is tasteless and odorless, it gives the throat hit. On the other hand, VG (Vegetable Glycerine) has a pleasant smell and taste, responsible for the smoke. 

This makes it vital to understand the right ratio. When you adjust the rate, you will control the smoke level and the throat hit. As a rule of thumb, most vapers start with a VG to PG ratio of 60:40. From there, you can adjust to various ratios.

Zong bong users, however, can expect to have more flavor with less smoke when vaping. 

3. Wrong Vape Juice and Nicotine Strength

One essential tip to enjoy your vaping experience is to choose the right vape juice, alongside the ability to control your nicotine intake. There are assorted vape juice flavors with varying nicotine strength. Many newbies are guilty of choosing any flavor without regard to the nicotine strength. 

This makes it essential to go with an appropriate flavor and nicotine level that is suitable for you. Vaping is a good idea for people that are quitting smoking. However, choosing excessively high nicotine levels will not make you kick the smoking habit on time. Your switch to vaping can only be complete when your nicotine intake is correct. As a result, consider low nicotine strength and reduce it gradually till you can vape comfortably with nic-free juices.

4. Dirty Coil Tank

A neat coil tank is essential as it can affect your overall experience when vaping. Vaping with a dirty tank can trigger a horrible smell, which will affect your overall experience as it might even trigger a throat hit. As a result, make sure you prime your coils before you vape. This involves cleaning the coil section, bringing in a new coil, and introducing a little drop of vape juice. 

Moreover, this is an essential step that will enhance the durability of your vaping device. Besides, it can help you have a good experience with vaping. 

5. Not Maintaining the Vape Kit

When you vape and get burnt or dry hit, there are many underlying factors responsible. It might be traced to an old coil that needs replacement. Your vaping device needs optimum maintenance to last. 

It is a silly mistake to use your device without a simple maintenance routine like replacing broken parts, cleaning, replacing the batteries, etc. Such an activity affects your overall vaping experience as you could get foul flavors, tank issues, and damaged coils. 

Carry out simple routine maintenance by inspecting your device for leaks. Check the O-rings to determine if they are not worn out. Replace the coil after the specified timeline, as you should not use them for too long. Also, replace any broken parts.

6. Dry Hitting

The vaporizer principle is to heat vaping juice via the hot coils, which turns to vapor. You get a dry hit when there is no adequate liquid in the device. Also, when one is smoking with no juice, it is called dry hitting. The result of this is a burning sensation in your throat. 

Interestingly, this is an innocent mistake many people make. It might be ignorance of the empty chamber, or they simply forgot to add enough juice. As a result, one needs to check the chambers regularly before vaping. 

7. Wrong Choice of Vape Juice

The magic of vaping lies in the juice. It is an assorted mixture that contains water, flavors, nicotine, and propylene glycol glycerine. When you consider the ingredient and concentration in different vaping juice, they differ, which affects the overall experience. 

This makes it vital to be aware of the various vaping juice available, along with what will serve you the most. You will get a series of vape juice online, but the flavor and nicotine content should satisfy your preference. The menthol flavor is ideal for beginners, but there are exotic ones for people who want to explore. 

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Vaping is good and could be helpful to people that want to ditch their tobacco smoking habit. Errors, however, might end up frustrating one’s effort to get a good experience with vaping. The points discussed here can go a long way to shape your overall vaping experience positively.

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