Importance of Confined Space Medicals

Workers in the construction, oil, and heavy machinery industries work in potentially hazardous conditions. Their jobs entail them to work in confined spaces, which could be dangerous if they aren’t given proper healthcare. Therefore, it is your job as an employer to ensure that all of your workers regularly get their confined space medicals.

To help you understand the importance of confined space medical exams, let us discuss why confined working spaces are dangerous and the health risks they pose.

What is a confined working space?

A confined working space (or simply referred to as confined space) is a fully or partially enclosed space. It has limited or restricted entrances and exits and could make first aid and rescue difficult. Thus, it is not primarily designed for human occupancy for a long period.

A few examples of confined spaces include tunnels, wells, manholes, silos, ship holds, cold storage, vaults, and open ditches. Workers in confined spaces should undergo occupational health Brisbane clinics offer for their safety.

What are the hazards of working in confined spaces?

Confined spaces present all types of hazard possible in the workplace. Thus, all confined space workers must undergo confined space medicals regularly to ensure their health.

These are the dangers of confined spaces:

  • Poor air quality and lack of oxygen
  • High dust levels that could lead to respiratory problems
  • Fire and explosion hazard due to flammable liquids and materials
  • Chemical hazards
  • Hot and cold working conditions
  • Biological hazards from fungi, moulds, mildew, viruses, and bacteria

All workers must be properly assessed by occupational health Brisbane physicians before they are sent to confined spaces. The workplace should also be inspected to ensure that they can easily escape in case of emergency.

What is included in a confined space medical exam?

Your workers’ health is of utmost importance. Working in confined spaces can be dangerous, and it’s a good practice as an employer to give them regular medical exams. Additionally, workers cannot do their jobs properly if they aren’t in their optimum condition.

Confined space medicals are conducted by clinics, hospitals, healthcare services, or physicians. These procedures are included during the exam:

  • Health questionnaire to be accomplished by the workers, including psychological issues
  • Height, weight, and BMI measurement
  • Blood pressure
  • Vision screening
  • Hearing test
  • Lung function baseline
  • Urinalysis and blood tests (if necessary)
  • Sniff test

Some healthcare providers even deliver these services to your worksite, so you don’t have to transport your workers to the clinics. 

What are the benefits of confined space medical exams?

Both you and your employees will enjoy the benefits of confined space medical exams, which include the following:

  • Improved workers’ health and safety
  • Reduced costs related to injuries and accidents
  • Better workplace productivity and efficiency
  • Boost workers’ morale

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