How to Survive Living in a Shared Apartment

Living in shared student accommodation is increasingly popular because it lets you save a bit of cash on rent. It is also a great opportunity and experience that makes it easy to learn a lot from housemates coming from different backgrounds and cultures. However, sharing apartment space with other students also comes with its unique set of challenges.

Sharing living spaces at facilities offering student accommodation can be tricky, especially when you consider that everyone has different preferences and boundaries. However, the golden rule is that everyone treats each other with respect. Here are other tips that will help create a relaxed and peaceful shared home.

Stay in touch

Whether everyone in the apartment ends up becoming great friends or not, housemates must know what is happening in the household. This means that nobody should have a crazy party or have an overnight guest without asking roommates first.

A great way of establishing constant communication between housemates is through a WhatsApp group chat. The app makes it easy to ask if someone is available to pick up some milk on their way back home or communicate about incoming bills. Sharing hilarious memes and jokes is a sure way of making the group fun!

Sharing a Google spreadsheet with housemates allows everyone to keep track of what they owe for what. The sheet is also useful for tracking recurring costs and has plenty of tools that allow splitting each bill.

A couple of apps in the Android and iOS stores allow tracking of chores and even shopping lists. Such apps are suitable if you are too shy to remind someone about their chores in your shared student accommodation apartment.

Respect schedules

The biggest source of conflict among students living in the same apartment is clashing schedules. According to experts offering student accommodation, the last thing you want is to start a fight with someone for having a party when you have an early class.

Plus, know who needs bathroom use before all others in the morning. Communication and agreeing on who goes first in advance, especially when sharing a single bathroom, are critical. A routine can help sort out such things and keep house-sharing harmonious.

Embrace the differences

As you look up facilities offering student accommodation, especially shared apartments, keep in mind and understand that you will not be living on your own. If you prefer things messy or are a neat-freak, living in a shared apartment will not be what you expect. Expect to compromise a bit and be willing to meet somewhere in the middle-best of all, overlook the little things.

Be positive

For some, living in a shared accommodation arrangement may feel like it has taken away their freedom, but you can still have the time of your life at university. Always stay positive, be honest and open with those around you, and remember to check up on housemates who may need it. Try to schedule something daily that helps keep you and your housemates’ spirits up.

Find accommodation

Now that you know how to get along with flatmates, check out the different shared student accommodation options at Student One. Their website,, provides a host of information on students living in Australia.