How to Tell If a Diamond is Real or Fake?

Different tests are using which you can find out whether an engagement ring diamond is real or fake, and if you want to check the authenticity of a diamond, we would recommend that you read this post. In this post, you would find the details of all the important and authentic tests to determine whether the diamond is real/fake.

Tests to determine if a diamond is real or fake!

Here are some of the important tests which would help you confirm the originality of a diamond.

Water test

The water test is among the simplest tests that can be used to check the diamond’s authenticity. You must fill the quarter of a normal-sized drinking glass with water. After filling the glass with water, all you must do is carefully drop the diamond in the glass. If the stone sinks into the glass, it means that it is a real diamond, and if the stone starts floating on the surface of water or underneath the glass, then it means that you have a fake diamond in your hands. Real diamonds are of higher density, so there is no reason that they should float instead of sinking.

Fog test

This is another test that can help you check whether the diamond at hand is real or fake. In this test, you must hold the diamond between your two fingers. After holding the diamond between your fingers, you have to breathe on it. Fog would appear on the stone because of the heat and moisture of your breath. If the diamond is real, then the fig would fade away right away, but if it is fake, it might take a few seconds to fade.

Check for setting and mounting

If you have a diamond ring and are not sure that the diamond installed in it is real or not, then you can easily check its setting and mounting. A real diamond would be costly, so that it would be set on a gold or platinum ring. If the diamond is mounted on artificial gold or silver, then you must know that the stone would be fake as well. Diamonds are more valuable than gold, so obviously, someone is playing with you if the gold part is fake.

Heat the diamond and see if it shatters

Diamonds are one of the strongest materials, and you must know that a real diamond would not respond to any amount of heart. To test the diamond’s originality, you must first set a glass of cold water by your side. After setting the water, you must start heating the diamond stone for around 40 to 60 seconds. After heating the diamond, you must drop it into the cold water directly. If the diamond breaks, it means that the stone is fake, and if it doesn’t shatter, it means that you have a real stone in your hand.

Read through test

This is another interesting test that can help you check whether a diamond is original or not. You can make a test on any readable material. The most common medium used for testing is newspapers. You must put the paper on a stable surface and place the diamond on the area with a lot of lettering. You have to make sure that you do this test in good light, or else you won’t be able to get accurate results. Now, if you can read the letters beneath the stone even though they are tiny or blurry, then it means that the stone is fake. A real diamond would block the letters because of the refracting light. This test is commonly used on loose diamonds.

The dot test

The dot test is an excellent alternative to the famous read-through test. If you don’t have reading material available with you at the time of purchasing, then all you must do is pick a piece of white paper or white surface and draw a small dot on it with a pen. You must lay the diamond stone’s flat side on the dot and look down at it from the top of the stone. If you see a reflection of the dot from the top of the diamond, then it is fake, and if you cannot see the dot or any reflection of it, then it means that the diamond is real.

Testing a diamond with a loupe

Well, this is not a do-it-yourself test, and you have to be an expert in using the loupe. Professionals usually use the loupe test to check the diamond. This special magnifying glass that jewelers use to check the originality of gold, stones, and even diamonds. A real diamond would always have imperfections in its design, whereas a fake stone would be perfect and well-constructed.To get details about more exciting tests to check the diamond’s originality, we would recommend Ringadvisers