How to Ship stuff across Country Cheap

Clearly, people who say that “the best things in life are free” have never left the country. It’s as exciting to move to a whole new country as it gets, but it costs money.

Just when you think there’s one problem you’ve dealt with, something else pops up. Stuff like delivery, visas, and flights will set you back a large amount of cash if you’re not careful, and that’s before you even get to your destination.

But you shouldn’t let money concerns place your big plans on a downer. Fortunately, wise heads know about Medical Equipment Movers who can help in cutting shipping costs, let’s share the advice with you.

Choose sea freight over air freight

Container ships should be your first port of call when you’re searching for the quickest way to move belongings overseas. Ocean freight is typically about 12-16 times cheaper than air freight, according to the World Bank. 

Oh, why is that? Well, in the global sea freight industry, there is currently huge overcapacity, meaning supply is outweighing demand and holding prices down.

Since it is much quicker than sea freight, air freight also comes at a premium. Although it could take 20-30 days for a container ship to fly from China to the US, a freight plane will nip over in just three days. 

If you’re moving in a severe hurry, air freight may be your only choice, but sea freight is necessary for any sensible international transfer.

Compare shipping quotes

Before committing to a purchase, every sensible consumer shops around a bit. When you buy a pint in the pub, this may be excessive behavior, but when it comes to going abroad, it’s sound practice. 

On almost any route around the world, several shipping companies are working, which means you have an option to make. Before you go with the first freight forwarder you find, you must weigh your choices.

Make sure you ask for a thorough rundown of each quote. This way, you know exactly what is being sold to you. A variety of services, including professional packing/unpacking, insurance cover, and full door-to-door delivery, can be provided by shipping companies.

Avoid unnecessary customs duty

It is never an easy process to get your belongings through customs. But you can definitely take precautions to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. However, take shortcuts, and your step overseas may be delayed by extra expenses, piles of additional paperwork, and lost products.

Almost every country in the world will need you to complete a full, complete list of every item you want to bring in. This sounds nosey, but it helps to measure customs duties for border agents. Also, to keep an eye on something untoward.

A further must is right packing. If your products are a nightmare to look at during physical checks, the process can take much longer. You’ll be paying extra fees.

Buy flights at exactly the right moment

It’s good if you buy tickets for short-haul flights for seven weeks in advance. Also, buy tickets for long-haul flights eighteen weeks beforehand. Plan things with Local Moving Service.

So, if you can keep your nerve, you’re better off holding on a little bit instead of just buying tickets as soon as they’re out. 

If this suggestion isn’t weirdly precise enough for you, most airlines often suggest booking your plane tickets on Sundays. As it is convenient for everyone. And on the worst day? From Wednesday.

Naturally, off-peak seasons provide the best possibilities for finding cheap flights. So if you have the luxury of choosing when you go, you should always try to fly when there are not many tourists heading the same way.


In terms of cross country moving options, few things beat the ease and comfort of full-service movers. You can make sure every part of your shipping process is as cheap as possible as long as you’re prepared. There’s no stress.