Truebell Capital: Beginner Investor Tips for Fast Returns

Once you’ve mastered the budget of your monthly expenses and put aside some emergency funds, it’d be best to start investing. One tricky part of investing for beginners is figuring out how much to begin with and what to invest. 

As a new investor, it’s natural to have questions, such as how much do I need to start investing? How do I start? Or even the best investment strategy. Read on to learn the answers.

Before putting your hard-earned money in an investment vehicle, you’ve got to understand how it works. The following are some tips a new investor can use to generate fast returns. However, their ability to work depends on some factors, which include:

What to Consider Before Investing

Your Risk Tolerance

An investor’s risk tolerance entails how much financial risk the individual is willing to take. Since not all investments become successful, it’d be better to find one whose risk correlates with the return. Consider finding a balance between the risk level you can endure and maximizing your money’s return. 

Your Budget

As an investor, you’ve got to decide how much to invest. It’d be better if you didn’t wait till you make millions before investing; you can start with the small amount you have. The amount doesn’t always matter; you’ve got to be financially ready first for investment and repeatedly invest over time once you begin.

Financial experts advise establishing an emergency fund (cash that can be readily withdrawn for emergency expenses). Since investments, including real estate, mutual funds, or stocks, often comes with a level of risk, emergency funds will ensure you don’t sell off your investments during a period of need.

Your Style

You’ll have to decide on your investment style and how much time you wish the investment to last. There are two investing styles: passive investing and active investing. Both techniques have their merits, but your budget, interests, lifestyle might make you prefer one over the other.

Investment Ideas for New Investors


Most people believe investing in stock is for wealthy individuals. However, the internet helps simplify the process for people to start investing in stocks with small amounts of money. This practice allows new investors to use a few dollars to familiarize themselves with the stock market investment while putting the small sum at risk to learn how it works.

Additionally, investors can team together to invest in the financial market, like what is seen at Truebell Capital. With this technique, the investors can own combined asset shares with lesser investment amount individually. 

Real Estate Investment

One of the investing tips for beginners with little money is real estate crowdfunding. With the new real estate crowdfunding, new investors can invest in real estate with a small amount by buying fractional shares of a large commercial property without being a landlord.

Financial experts perceive crowdfunded real estate investments to be riskier investments since the investor puts their money into one source than having a diversified portfolio of several individual investments. However, it’s advantageous since the investor gets to own a real estate asset piece unrelated to the stock market.


If you’re looking for how to invest money to make money fast, consider using a Robo-advisor. Since its entrance into the investing world ten years ago, Robo-advisors have made investing accessible and easy. An investor using a Robo-advisor doesn’t need any investing experience since this software handles everything.

Robo-advisors work to help you invest your funds in a low-cost, highly-diversified portfolio of bonds and stocks before using algorithms to regularly optimize your taxes and rebalance your portfolio.

Depending on the investment amount, which can be as small as $500, Robo-advisors can charge about 0.25 percent of your investment account balance as a portfolio management fee.

Final Thoughts

Starting as a new investor may appear intimidating since it’s unfamiliar terrain. However, figuring out your risk tolerance, the amount you want to invest, and how to invest will help you make investment decisions that’ll generate faster returns and serve you for decades to come.

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