How to Hire Remote Employees and Retain for Long Years

Remote working is on a hike on this date. Where companies want to hire remote employees to optimize their costs, employees are also searching for the right opportunity to leverage.

However, getting the right candidate to fill in the dedicated role is a challenging job. And, if you find one, there’s always a risk of an employee switching after a few months or years.

Today, we have come up with a solution to this. In this article, we’ll highlight exclusive tips for hiring remote employees and retaining them for long years.

So, let’s get into the tips now.

7 Exclusive Tips to Hire Remote Employees and Retain for Long Years

Build a Strong Digital Presence

Remote hiring opens the door to picking talent locally to globally. When you hire locally, there’s a good chance your ideal candidate has heard about your company from friends or is looking forward to applying to your organization himself.

In contrast, global hiring drives the challenge of trust and reliability. Candidates are worried about the authority and authenticity of your company. One simple solution to gain their trust and attract them to hire is to build a social media presence.

Opt for a social media platform for marketing according to the niche you are working in. There’s a high chance of finding the top tech talent on LinkedIn. While a Pinterest Marketer might be easily available on Pinterest.

Showcase Employee Satisfaction

Social media presence might convince your applicants to apply for your job post, but their conscience might not be satisfied. Give your applicants peace of mind by showcasing the testimonials of your existing employees.

This can be in written form, but a video testimonial will be the greatest influence. So, ask your existing employees to highlight their experience with your company and their satisfaction level to help promote it.

Test the Interpersonal and Tech Skills

Once the candidates have started applying, call them for screening purposes, take their initial details, and analyze their communication and addressing style.

Remember to keep clear communication on top since one you are hiring would be the remote employee – sitting at long distances. Their listening and understanding capabilities should be well coupled with strong technical skills.

For testing technical skills, give them a task with a set deadline to meet. The percentage of the task accuracy and their approach to solving the problem will tell you if one is the ideal candidate.

Give Them Flexibility

Besides hiring, working flexibility will also help you retain the candidates. Allow your employees to go for a casual walk during work hours. Or, permit them to complete the task within the specified time – no matter the hours they invest every week.

This will keep your employees from burnout and focus more on tasks rather than attendance. Mention this positive side of your company in the job description as well so the expert candidates looking for this advantage apply.

Hold Weekly Meetings

You form a bond with employees when they regularly come to the office. Virtually, the most wanted trait to hold the team up, but missing is less or no communication. Companies overlook the importance of one on one communication and face time which could bridge the gap between you and your remote employee.

Hold a weekly meeting with your employees to hear them out. Sometimes, you can also arrange an informal meeting, asking if the employees are having an issue in the work setting or personal life. Make sure to conduct meetings every once a week or at least twice a month.

Offer Competitive Compensation

Attract your client by offering a market-competitive salary. This is especially important if your firm is new. Candidates are inclined towards the job with solid compensation for their performance.

This practice should be regular once the candidate is hired and is your employee now. Observe the performance of your employees and reward them with bonuses or increments bi-year. Other employees will also put their heart in when you will award the deserving employee before everyone, resulting in company growth.

Design Meaningful Benefits

Magnetize your employees by mentioning the perks they will get working with your company. This can include a monthly picnic in an aesthetic place so that the remote employees can meet each other and enjoy the good vibes. 

A few employees prioritize having professional development when applying and deciding to stay in the company. You can arrange online courses or pay the tuition fee for the degree they are pursuing.

Another potential benefit to pull the attention of top talent is providing medical insurance. Announce health and life insurance for your employees. This would become more meaningful when providing insurance for their dependents as well.


Hiring remote employees and retaining them for long years requires a well-thought-out strategy that includes building a strong digital presence, showcasing employee satisfaction, testing interpersonal and tech skills, giving them flexibility, holding weekly meetings, offering competitive compensation, and designing meaningful benefits. As a staff augmentation company, VinnCorp understands the importance of hiring and retaining top talent for the growth and success of your organization. By implementing these tips, we can help you find and keep the best remote employees for your company. Trust VinnCorp to provide you with the best staff augmentation services to meet your business needs.