Canada’s Most Reliable Wholesale Vape Distributors

The vaping business has become much more than just an alternative to smoking. This resulted in intense rivalry among businesspeople who dabbled in the same industry. The burden these businesses, large and small, the face is finding a distributor of the best disposable vape that will be a fair bargain for them. In this article, we list the best wholesale suppliers of vape products in the whole country of Canada.

Canada’s Best Vape Wholesalers


When it comes to wholesale distribution of vaping products in Canada, Envi-vape is among the best. Canada’s premier dealer of vaping gear, e-liquids, herbal vaporizers, and more That is why they are offering to mitigate the risks of working with overseas vape industry essential suppliers, allowing their customers to focus on developing and growing their vape retail operations. Canadian wholesaler envi-vape carries products from all the top e-cigarette manufacturers, including Aspire, Innokin, and Vaporesso, as well as Voopoo and Smok.

Valiant Distribution

You can get all you need for smoking, vaping, and hemp at Valiant Distribution. As of 2010, Valiant Distributions was doing business as RGR Canada Inc. When it comes to wholesale and distribution, Valiant Distributions is the go-to firm for smoke shops and other merchants all throughout to buy bulk vapes in Canada.


When it comes to premium electronic cigarettes, disposable flavors, and vaping accessories, no one does it better than flavourbeast in Canada. As a wholesaler, they place a lot of value on building a reliable and open supply chain and making long-term relationships with their clients.

NIBO Distribution

NIBO Distribution, which is based in Toronto, is one of the most important wholesale distributors of vape products in Canada. They are quite pleased with the quality of the vaping and smoking products they provide to their customers. They provide affordable, high-quality goods with a focus on prompt, courteous service. Customers have a good time shopping with them since their requirements are always addressed, and their options are continually growing.

Pacific Vape Center

Pacific Vape Center made a name for itself as a reliable wholesaler of high-quality vape products. It is rapidly becoming one of the best disposable vape stores in all of Canada.

Genuine Vape & Smoke Company

Genuine Vape & Smoke Company is a Canadian distributor that sells popular brands like Breeze Smoke and ZPods, as well as new ones like the Envi Boost, a disposable vape. Windsor, Ontario’s Genuine Vape was founded on the principle of providing and distributing genuine goods at affordable prices. In contrast to overseas vape product providers that offer discounts on substandard and phony items, our wholesaler aims to give quality products to our wholesale clients.

Envi-vape is a reliable online vape shop in Canada where you can find and buy the best and newest electronic cigarettes (E-cigs), vape starter kits (Vape Kits), and vape liquids at prices that are competitive. In addition to selling e-cigarettes and other vaping devices,  offers vape wholesale in Canada and also has a wide variety of smoking accessories, such as pipes, bongs, rigs, and coils.


When it comes to buying wholesale e-cigarettes in Canada, is among the top options. You can find everything you need, including nic-salt juice, the best disposable vapes, and Juul-compatible pods, in one convenient location. They sell starter kits and pod device systems from SMOK, JUUL, STLTH, VUSE, Uwell,