Melee combat ineffective New World Pillar of Fire Build Guides

With the recent buffs to Pillar of Fire, it has become the best ability in the New World, capable of dealing high damage to multiple targets. However, this build is so strong that it could make melee combat ineffective in New World, and clumping with other players impossible.

To create this build, you will need the fire staff with Pillar of Fire ability, and every piece of gear with Refreshing attribute. You will also need a secondary weapon with Refreshing, and a Focus to get an additional 5% cooldown reduction.

The rotation of this build starts with a heavy attack, followed by Pillar of Fire, and Fireball for multiple targets. The Flare passive is used to hit multiple targets, and the Heart Rune Gem is used to quickly charge up Pillar of Fire.

This build can deal the highest damage in both PvE and PvP and keep your mana at 100 with the Mana passive. However, the strength of this build is also its downfall, as it could completely break the current meta and make melee combat ineffective.

To balance this build, the Pillar of Fire cooldown reduction should be nerfed, possibly in half, and the damage of the ability should be reduced. This is necessary to prevent the complete destruction of the meta and make sure that all play styles are viable in New World.

In conclusion, the best fire staff build with Pillar of Fire is currently overpowered and must be nerfed to ensure that the game remains balanced and fun for all players. So, use this build while it lasts, but be prepared for New World changes in the future.


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