How to declutter a storage unit- the ultimate guide by professional movers

A home is a place where you build a lot of memories with your family over time and years suddenly, one fine day due to some reason you have to leave your abode to move into another one. The feeling and emotions that one goes through when the movers take away your belongings and put them in the carrier are beyond words but that is the truth of life. To reach somewhere one has to leave from somewhere. 

Now, let us deal with some real task at hand of finalising removalists who will guide and ensure the safe arrival of all the goods to the new location. There is a storage unit facility that is provided by the movers where you can store the goods that cannot be taken along nor can be disposed of. This helps the clients who have to do a temporary move due to a transfer in the job on a contract basis or the need to relocate for personal reasons.

The storage unit is not a dump yard rather it stores things of value to you that is why you are paying a good amount of rent for the same hence it is important to keep it organised. To look and search for certain items you should not spend your whole day. Irrespective of the period it is taken for, it also needs looking after by the means of decluttering and cleaning. One can rent a small apartment and rent a storage unit to store the additional goods which cannot be placed at home. A mover can be brought into the picture to help find a perfect one for you. Click here for more info.

The professional movers have a guide to help you through their years of experience in this field and keep your storage unit neat, tidy and organised. Follow these simple steps to make the most of it:

Inventory check- Having a correct estimate and count of goods is important before starting to declutter the unit. This will help you know in advance what sort of items have to be dealt with. Over the years you keep putting things inside without realising what and how much has been stored.

Power of the Internet- All the stuff in the storage unit must not be of usage to you anymore therefore, use the internet and its various websites where you can sell second-hand goods at the best prices. The Internet gives you access to a huge number of buyers on the web and listing your items along with prices can help you get rid of the junk and make some money as well.

Donation- After going through the first step it is better to switch to the next available option of donating the items to the needy. The donation helps in getting some brownie points without any cost and helps in getting some clean space in the storage unit.

Dump the garbage- Now, the left stuff which is absolute garbage should be thrown away in the dustbins. It could be waste cardboard boxes, poly bags or any packaging stuff which needs replacement should be dumped and any other household item that has got mould or rust should be thrown away. Hoarding goods is not a good idea 

Clean it thoroughly- All the corners of the storage unit should be free from spider webs and insects. A thoroughly clean storage unit makes you pay regular visits otherwise it feels like a task of a lifetime to enter them.

Labelling- The stuff which is stored inside the storage unit should be labelled after being put into cardboard boxes. The items of the same category should be stored together and labelled like winter wear, kitchen utensils, cleaning stuff or repair tools. This is a very important thing to do to avoid mess.

Installing shelves- Mostly storage units don’t have a rack or shelf to store smaller items. It is better to get one installed at the minimum cost that will create extra space for your items and can be stored in an organised manner. Even the boxes of smaller size can be kept on these shelves for better view. Get a free quote from movers about storage units with shelves.

Appropriate Placement- The storage unit should be managed in such a way that the items that have a probability of being used early should be placed in front of the bigger boxes which will be used later. This eases the work of the locator and doesn’t create havoc in the unit to look for it.

Plastic bags- The goods which need to be stored in plastic wraps should be stored in transparent ones to look through them. This helps in identifying the item in one look rather than unpacking it fully and then realising the wrong product.

Measuring furniture- The size of the furniture plays a major role in deciding on the correct size of the storage unit. Sometimes the entry to the unit is so narrow that the furniture will be stuck at the entrance and exit. The removalists help the people in finding the correct size of the storage unit as per the requirement and amount of stuff to be stored.

This has been a very old and effective practice adapted by moving out people in getting rid of unwanted stuff and making some money out of it through a garage sale. The passersby can look at the stuff and choose as per their need. It is also a good practice to put price tags on the goods to avoid a lot of questions and answers. The items which you give away for free can be stacked in another corner. Friends and relatives can also be called upon to have a look and something that might interest them. While moving homes, Click here for a free quote – budget plays a very crucial role in deciding what to be carried along and what should be left behind. The decluttering following the guidelines by the removalists helps you save a good amount of money and organise the move strategically. 

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