What Is Shower Door?

Shower room is separate shower compartment by glass for showers. Modern homes have increasingly high requirements for bathroom facilities, and many families want to have an independent bathing space, but due to limited sanitary space in the living room, bathing facilities can only be placed in one room with sanitary ware. Shower cubicles make full use of a corner of the room and clearly divide the shower range with a fence to form a relatively independent bathing space.

Glass shower doors are mostly used as partition doors, both for isolation and for light transmission, which is visually more transparent. The current variety of craft glass makes glass shower doors very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It is important to note that tempered glass must be chosen to avoid dangers such as explosions Dream Line shower doors.

In the purchase of glass shower doors and the following points need to be noted.

1. the glass shower door material to choose the color uniform, no seven colors, especially bright silver to choose the linen wheel grain line, glossy good.

2. the glass shower door outer design you like with your decoration style is consistent.

3. to choose the brand of shower doors, before buying a search on the Internet, SL4U such a big brand after-sales service is guaranteed.

4. according to your bathroom requirements to buy shower doors, to take into account the entry space, open the door direction and other special requirements.

5. the glass mainly choose clear high transparency, choose the glass, there is a manufacturer’s logo, ANSI certification, if there is the EU CE certification can be used with more confidence.

6. look at the details of the shower door handled well, such as the wheel to choose a small sound, push up smoothly but with little force, hinged door to choose a small noise, automatic reset fast.

Features of shower doors.

1. Shower doors are rich in shape, there are fan-shaped ones and rectangular ones, which are a good decorative piece.

2. With the shower door, the water will not splash outside when using the shower head to wet the whole bathroom floor.

3. the shower door saves space, some family bathroom space is small, can not fit the bathtub, and the shower door can save a lot of space.

4. winter, the use of shower doors can also play the role of insulation. Water vapor gathered in a small space, the heat does not quickly dissipate, so that people feel very warm. And if the bathroom is larger and there is no shower door, even if there is heating, it often feels very cold.

5. the shower door can be divided into separate bathing space. Most residential bathrooms and washrooms in China are combined, the installation of shower doors is a more reasonable choice. This can create a relatively independent bathing space to avoid mutual influence and facilitate daily life. 

Precautions for installing shower doors

1. The pre-buried hole position of the shower size should be designed before the bathroom is renovated.

2. It is better to customize the shower room if the water supply system and tiles have been installed.

3. wiring leakage protection switch device and so on should be considered beforethe installation of the shower room to avoid rework.

4. the style of the shower room depending on the layout of the bathroom, common corner type and a word type.

5. the installation of the shower room should be installed strictly in accordance with the assembly process.

6. Shower room must be firmly connected to the building structure and cannot be shaken.

7. The open type shower room must be fixed with expansion bolts and fixed with non-hollow walls, and after drainage, the water volume in the bottom basin should not be more than 500 grams.

8. The appearance of the shower room after installation needs to be neat and bright, the sliding doors and sliding doors are parallel or perpendicular to each other, symmetrical left and right, the sliding doors should open and close smoothly, no gaps and no water seepage, and the shower room and the bottom basin are sealed with silicone seal between them.

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