Three Unexpected Ways an AI Video Generator Can Boost Your Business Strategy

The rushing changes in the Internet trends and the ever-changing expectations for the businesses’ performance on the market can really make you question your current strategy. Is it relevant? Is it adaptable? Does it check off all the boxes? Is it, at least, good enough?

The key is to not only have the right attitude and approach but also to use the right tools. Some tools can be very specific, while other ones have the ability to cover your needs for many elements of your business strategy. Such tools let you get the best out of thinking outside the box, bringing out your creative side; therefore, they let you stand out. 

Sure, your competitors can have an excellent business strategy. But will they put creativity on the table as you do? And at the end, who will be more memorable? 

An AI video generator can help you go a long way. The video itself is proven to be a powerful medium for businesses, helping with both internal and external processes. When talking about the Elai AI video generator, it is crucial to understand the difference between AI-generated and traditionally produced videos. 

While traditionally produced videos may be your go-to solution, the main cause for that is probably familiarity. We tend to stick to what we know works, and at the same time, we tend to overlook the pains it can cause us. Traditional video making can be a budget drain, besides taking up days of stressful shooting and post-production. Moreover, the end result is not guaranteed to be satisfactory, and then you have to wait for changes to be made. Surely there must be a modern approach that solves these problems. 

AI video maker is a versatile tool for anyone who is not afraid – and willing – to find new, innovative solutions to their problems. As said before, it is important to stay open-minded and creative in order to win over customers. 

Of course, AI-generated videos will have a different look compared to traditionally produced ones. Hold on, though: different does not mean worse. If any, for certain purposes AI video creator is a much better solution. Let’s see how exactly video AI can apply to certain elements of your business strategy.

1. Marketing: the good, the better, and the best.

Yes, no “the bad, the ugly”, because there will be no such thing when using AI-generated videos with the right approach. For example, include video bits in your email marketing, whether it is your newsletter or your cold outreach. Videos help your emails stand out, even be the bright bait that will lead straight to conversion. With Elai AI video maker, you can create a marketing video in a matter of minutes. With numerous video templates to fit any purpose, a diverse AI avatar library, premium voices, and 65+ languages, you can generate a video without any previous training or help from the side. Being a text-to-video platform, Elai lets you focus on your video’s message while sophisticated AI does the rest. Made from only one template, you can even generate videos that address people by their name with the help of Elai API. 

Marketing video

2. Management and culture: bring structure and clarity in. 

Success is not a metaphorical value, it is a process that starts at the very base of the organization and is brought up and out for everyone to see. Especially at the age of remote, work-from-home jobs, employers can find it challenging to build a strong work culture and ensure the whole team is always on the same page. We can still be in the process of constant adaptation and finding the right ways, and that is okay. When it comes to ensuring the excellent onboarding of the new team members, the team being consistent in their work, and even reporting, an AI video generator can be a lifesaver. Video is proven to be the most engaging medium, and this information is especially relevant in the age of Netflix, YouTube, and TikTok. Having a human presenter in a video is a whole next level, as people are social creatures, and we tend to listen better when there is someone like us. Using Elai AI video maker, you can create onboarding courses with ease. You can also make videos about the company’s current goals, generate a PPT-based narrated report, or even make a custom avatar of the CEO so they can present the videos to the whole team. The beauty of creating AI-generated videos from the comfort of your office is that you can go back and make changes anytime – and it will take only a couple of clicks. 

Onboarding video

3. Your Sales strategy: making sure the product’s benefits are clear. 

Your product is amazing. It tackles several problems, and you know from experience that it can be a huge relief to your target audience. But are these benefits really clear to your leads and potential leads? Creating an explainer video with an AI video maker can do the trick. With Elai, you can easily generate such a video based on a screencast or even a link to your product’s description page. There is no one that understands your product better than you, and now it is easy for you to deliver your vision personally. While the whole hired video production crew can be amazing professionals, it is not guaranteed that the result will satisfy you. AI video creator lets you take the matter into your own hands. 

To wrap everything up, do not be afraid to show off your creative side in every element of your business strategy. Be brave in your wishes and goals, and use the right tools to pave your path. Elai can help you bring out your out-of-the-box thinking and differ from any competitors out there. Remember, any type of video can be generated with these 5 simple steps: 

1. Choose a template; 

2. Choose the desired avatar; 

3. Type your text; 

4. Add animations, transitions, and music; 

5. Render and enjoy the results. 

Adil Husnain

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