How secure are storage units? How to protect your belongings

How secure are storage units? How to protect your belongings

It takes a team effort to keep your belongings safe and secure in a storage facility. Learn how to reduce the chance of theft in storage units.

A quick drive through is not enough to determine how secure self-storage facilities are. There are many factors that influence how secure your belongings in a storage facility. We’ll discuss these in detail.

Important Security Features for Self Storage Facilities

Nearly all of the storage facilities offer the following security features to protect your belongings. It’s important to find another company that offers the same level security, even if we are not available in your area.

1. A Digital Surveillance System

The activity on our property is recorded by a digital surveillance system 24 hours a days. Ask about the type of surveillance provided by the facility. Digital surveillance is better than tape storage, as it offers superior quality and minimizes the risk of coverage lapses.

2. Password protected access

Our facilities have an access system that requires employees and customers to enter unique codes at the gates and doors. This security measure restricts who can access storage facilities and allows us to check who entered and exited the property, if needed.

3. All Areas of Effective Lighting

We will provide proper lighting regardless of where you are located in one our storage facilities. Cheap Storage Units inspect every aisle in each building, both inside and out, daily to ensure proper lighting. We’ll quickly replace any defective light bulbs. 

 4. Well maintained property

Thieves have been trained to identify the weaknesses of property. It could be the broken keypad or damaged fencing. It is important to be able to trust that the facility will address any maintenance issues promptly when you need it.

How customers can keep valuables safe

It takes a team effort to ensure your storage units Los Angeles is secure. Sometimes, despite storage facilities’ best efforts, customers can do things that make their storage unit more vulnerable to theft. Make sure that you do everything possible to protect your belongings before you load up a storage unit.

Get the best lock you can afford

Cheap Storage Units stocks the finest locks for your security in our stores, but you are welcome to bring your own. Locks are meant to deter thefts that happen quickly and unplanned. These criminals will most likely target units with poor locks that are easy for them to cut off. Locks that are resistant to lock tampering and bolt cutters should be chosen. Instead of a long shackle, we recommend a disc lock or cylinder lock.

Be aware of what you should not put in your storage unit.

You should not put any item in a storage unit . Some items are prohibited under any circumstance. In terms of security, you should not put any items in your storage unit that insurance will not cover in case of loss. 

Maintain a current inventory.

Customers make the common mistake of not having an inventory of their storage units. Although it might seem tedious, this will prove invaluable for you and your insurance company in case of an emergency. 

For extra protection, opt for indoor storage

Consider a unit located in a storage facility if security is an important concern. The buildings are usually protected by keypad access, which adds an additional layer of security.

Do not give out your access code or key to anyone.

You should be careful about who you allow to use your storage units. Theft usually occurs close to home. This could mean that someone you know, a family member, or an acquaintance could be responsible. You should not tell anyone about what and whereabouts you have in your storage unit, except those closest to you.

Even if you don’t need it, purchase insurance.

Cheap Storage Units requires that customers have insurance for their storage units. We know that accidents can happen, no matter what precautions you take. And unlike other storage facilities, where you might be willing to take some risk, we won’t. To rent a storage unit, you will need to show proof of homeowner or renters’ insurance that covers it.