Here Are the Tips How to Increase Height Naturally with Yoga

Height adds up to the overall personality of a person. It also has a lot to do with confidence, as many short heightened people often take online doctor appointments to discuss how they can increase their height. If you are also someone who often thinks that you should be a little bit taller than you are, then you have landed on the right article.

Yes, there are different asanas in yoga to increase height. But before we begin with that, understand that height is not the parameter to judge your overall personality. There have been great people in history like Mahatma Gandhi, Voltaire, and many more who had short height but great virtues. However, if you wish to increase a few inches vertically, let us figure out how yoga can help you in this.

Tips to increase your height with yoga

Yoga is not only an exercise form. It works on the holistic well-being of your body. You can balance the hormones, stretch your body, heal yourself from mental stress, and there are many more benefits of yoga. Sticking to how yoga helps in increasing your height, let us discuss the asanas you can do.



In this form, you stretch your entire body from head to toe. As each body part stretches to elongate, the product of growth hormones also elevates. With the large production of growth hormones, your height is bound to increase. Other than this, it improves the posture and strengthens the legs and knees. People who look short because they slouch a bit can see visible changes in their posture by practising tadasana every day.


Surya Namaskar is the answer to almost every issue your body has. It involves 12 different positions which have a myriad of benefits. As these positions stretch every muscle in your body, it boosts the growth hormone production. If you are in the growing years of your life, you will definitely see an increase in your height with Surya Namaskar. Apart from height increase, it is also helpful in detoxifying your body, increasing blood circulation, strengthening muscles, and other things.

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Vriksha Asana

As the name indicates, it is the tree pose in which you stand looking like a tree. You keep on foot on the other thigh by folding your leg and stretching your arms upward. At the same time, you flex your neck, looking up in the sky. The stretch that your pituitary gland experience activates the production of growth hormones and help in increasing the height. Moreover, as your entire body weight balances on one foot, it also helps strengthen the leg muscles.

Head stand or Srvang Asana

This yoga pose is all about inversion against gravity. You invert your body and balance it on your head, keeping your spine, shoulders, and legs straight. This positioning of your body puts a certain pressure on the pituitary gland and increases the production of growth hormones in your body. It is the best pose in yoga to increase your height, and with consistent practice, you will see visible results.

These are the effective asanas to increase your height naturally. Other poses in yoga to increase height include Bhujangasana, Natrajasana, and there are many others. You can perform them regularly once you learn the correct posture and technique. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to visit an online doctor appointment through website and take the classes from a yoga expert. Learn the apt technique from them, and you can continue on your own once you get hold of it.

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You will see a noticeable change in your height and overall health by doing the yogic exercises consistently. Understand that all of this works during the formative years of one’s life. You can consult with a yoga teacher through online doctor appointment through website and understand if you have a chance to increase your height with yoga. Though there can be many exceptions, adults over 20 years of age are less likely to experience an increase in their height. However, the other benefits of yoga stay intact, and you can ripe them anytime in your life, irrespective of your age. So, wait no more, make yoga a part of your routine, and get all the health benefits.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.