Eid Celebrations in Hyderabad

I stay in Vijayawada, but my ancestral roots are still in Hyderabad. It is why every year, I rent a car in Vijayawada with a driver and travel to Hyderabad to spend Eid with my loved ones. While people of every state celebrate Eid with equal zeal, Hyderabad holds the most renowned title for its grand Eid celebration. 

Eid-ul-Fitr, also known as Eid, signifies the completion of the spiritual period of Ramadan. It is usually the initial day of Shawwal (the month after Ramadan) that people celebrate for three days.  

Eid Celebrations in Hyderabad

Ramadan is a period of perfecting our character and moving closer to the Holy Quran and Allah. During the Ramadan period, every healthy Muslim should fast for the entire month. 

Moreover, fasting in our Islam culture is a religious exercise wherein we must abstain from cheating, lying, gossip, speaking offensive languages, and immoral behavior. The last day of Ramadan month is Eid, where we break our fast and perform Eid prayers in Mosque. Also, our historic city of Hyderabad, with a vibrant Muslim heritage, comes alive during this spiritual holy month. 

On the holy day of Eid, people in Hyderabad get ready early in the morning in new clothes and gather in the Mecca Masjid to begin Eid prayer. After the Namaz, people joyfully greet one another “Allahu Akbar”, which signifies” God is great”, and Eid Mubarak while hugging each other. 

After the prayers and Namaz in the Mosque, we reach home and get ready to end our fast with our family and friends by cooking a sweet dish, sivayyan (thin, toasted vermicelli noodles) and biryani (meat with flavored rice). 

It is also a ritual to exchange gifts and give “Edi” (gifts) to our younger ones. After relishing the sweet dishes with our loved ones, we attend a special prayer Takbir recited as a homage to Allah. This Eid prayer is followed by a sermon (a discourse on a spiritual or ethical subject) and then pray for pardon. 

Upon completion of Takbir, many people attend special Eid parties, celebrations, or fairs in the parks (with parties, fireworks, and many more). Many marketplaces, restaurants, and shopping malls in Hyderabad are in full swing to welcome people during the Eid festival. Numerous hotels in the city sell lip-smacking and delicious Haleem, a dish loved by people after ‘Iftar’ or breaking their fast.

On this auspicious day of Eid, some affluent people take the opportunity to distribute Zakat, Islam’s compulsory donation to help people in need celebrate Eid. 

How beautiful! Right? 

The spiritual significance of Eid for the Islamic community

Like every Indian festival, Eid is a festival of feasting, celebration, and gratitude. The festival brings people together and creates a feeling of solidarity and unity. Here are some of the spiritual significance of Eid for the Islamic community. 

  • Restoration of strength and activity for people.
  • Achieving interaction and bonding between people through exchanging Eid greetings and visits.
  • Encouraging social relationships and spreading happiness.
  • Achieving the aspects of social unity among community members by helping needy families. 

The celebration of Eid is unquestionably the indwelling vitality of the entire festival. This festival is also an appreciation of a good time to draw people together in peace and honor. It is a celebration that reminds us to help the needy and poor people. So what are you waiting for? Book a top-rated car rental in Hyderabad to visit your loved ones and celebrate the festival with them. 

May the grace of Allah stay with you today, tomorrow, and eternally. 

Eid Mubarak!