Helen Schifter | How to Grow Your Business Using Digital Platforms

Helen Schifter said using digital platforms can give an instant boost to your business. But, you need to know the right way of doing it. People sometimes invest a lot in digital marketing but do not get the outcome they wanted. This is because they do not invest in the right tools Helen Schifter added.

However, you do not have to worry about it anymore. We have researched the best ways of growing a business using digital platforms to help you in this regard. So, read on to find out the key to taking your business to new heights.

  • Aim for a Specific Niche

Specifying your niche is the first step to growing your business on digital platforms. Specificity of niche helps you set a dimension that is easy for you to handle. You can get an even better track to follow if you specify micro-niche(s) for your business too. Helen Schifter said this will also help you set a marketing strategy for your business. As a result, you can connect with people who need your products or services. Hence, specifying your niche can be useful in setting up your business while minimizing distractions for you.

  • Create a Unique Brand

Uniqueness is the key to standing out from others on the market that are selling the same products as you. While there can be little diversity in terms of what you offer, there can be diversity in how you offer it. You should have a look at the most competent brands in your niche. And, then design your brand according to the needs of the audience that they cater to. This will help you stay relevant to the market and niche while being unique as a brand.

  • Resonate with Your Audience

Your audience needs to feel a connection with you. There are so many brands out there that are adding a personal touch to their marketing strategies. Helen Schifter said this helps them resonate with the audience. The audience feels validated when you reach out to them as a company. They feel connected to the business and are more likely to recommend you to others. One way of doing this would be to leave a thank you message to your customers when they have made a purchase. Messages with greetings for festivities and other occasions will also help you stand out on digital platforms.

  • Create a Blog

Blogs are here to stay despite what some people say about them. Companies that have blogs are far more likely to gain customers online than companies that do not have blogs. Helen Schifter said well, blogs have a high specificity when it comes to content, so they are more likely to attract potential customers. You can hire someone competitive to create blogs for your business.

  • Go for Content Marketing

Content marketing is getting more popular day by day because of its immense success in boosting businesses. People are now more interested in using digital platforms to grow their businesses. This is why there are several new ways of content marketing to cater to their needs. You can look up for the content marketing strategies and tools that work the best for you.

  • Add Video Marketing

Video marketing works like a magic wand when it comes to flourishing your business online. Video ads are better than other ads as they are more engaging. You can put up brief video ads explaining the kinds of products you are offering. You can add a touch of cultural relevance to video ads to make them more successful. Helen Schifter said YouTube and other digital platforms are best suited for video marketing. Even Facebook and Instagram are now putting up video ads, so you should consider video marketing seriously.

  • Invest in Email Marketing

Email marketing is not something new, right? Businesses have been making use of email marketing to attract more customers over the years. You can tailor the emails according to the niche or micro-niche of people that you are sending them to.

  • Look into SEO

Having the best products and marketing campaign, but not making them access the right audience can be fatal for your business. You need to put together a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes search engine optimization. SEO tools help you catch the eye of potential buyers. SEO makes sure that your content comes at the top of the search engine when someone is looking for a product in your niche. This way, you will be more likely to catch the attention of potential buyers.

  • Develop an Active Social Media Presence

Social media is not going anywhere anytime soon. The businesses have realized this and they are establishing competent social media marketing strategies now. This is why they are anchoring their business on social media now. Social media also helps you get instant feedback from your customers. You can engage with them via Facebook and Instagram posts as well. Another way social media helps your business is by directing the potential customers to your brand’s website.

  • Take Help from PPC Platforms

Pay-per-click (PPC) platforms are advertising companies that direct more customers to your website. PPC platforms are one of the quickest ways of engaging more people with your brand. These platforms are paid every time someone clicks on the ads. This motivates them to put up ads in places where people are more likely to click on them. So, you can rely on them to increase the reach of your business.

  • Give Promotions and Discounts

Helen Schifter said you can take help from promotions and discounts to attract people to your products. If you give the customers small incentives or promotions then they will be more likely to come back to buy from you. A free trial or promotion can help you gain the attention of people in the first place. And, once they like the products they will recommend your products to other people.

  • Understand Your Customers with CRO

Understanding your customers and potential buyers can help you connect with them better. To make this possible, you have to look for even the minor changes when it comes to making people convert on-site. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools help you understand a customer’s actions before buying something. Something like a simple call to action button can help you achieve this. Another amazing way of doing this would be to remove all the possible barriers from your landing page.

  • Invest in Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media has helped businesses establish a massive client base over the years. This is because they are investing in social media marketing tools now. Helen Schifter said these tools not only help you reach the eye of the buyers, but also increase their chances of making a purchase. They will also help you understand the kind of products and trends that catch people’s interest nowadays. You can rely on social media marketing software to intelligently translate your social presence into actual results.

  • Get Lead Enrichment Tools

Lead enrichment tools can make a major difference to your business. The people who visit your page and explore different products do not leave much information for you when they do not buy something. You can tap into that information by using lead enhancement tools. They will help you understand the interest of the visitors and then provide relevant content to them.

To wrap up, growing your business using digital platforms can do you a world of good. You just need to invest in the right marketing tools and campaign. Helen Schifter said so, go ahead and use our tips to increase your business’s chances of success.