Explore Things to Do in Delhi with Avis – A Luxury Car Rental Company

How is Delhi? Is it beautiful? Is it famous for its street food or street-style clothing? Or is it the monuments that make Delhi remarkable? Well there is no specific answer to what makes Delhi special but everyone can agree on this that Delhi is breath-taking. Sometimes in life, certain experiences cannot be told, they have to be felt and experienced and Delhi is one such experience. So don’t wait any longer, plan a summer vacation to Delhi and see the changing colours of the capital yourself?

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Exploring the streets of Delhi and travelling from one point to the other can be a little tough and renting a car will make your journey super smooth. Also, if you are looking for a luxury car rental Delhihas a great car renting service called Avis. It has the best options available, for good quality and well maintained cars. With Avis, you will never feel the pain of a difficult commute. One can easily opt for car hire in Delhi with Avis and travel from one corner to another.

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Take a road trip to Delhi’s History

For a summer vacation Delhi is a perfect place to visit the historical sites. Start your bucket list with Qutub Minar, India Gate, Akshardham temple, Sundar nursery, Jantar Mantar, and many more. There are specific seasons to visit the Mughal gardens and explore the beauty of the flowers and nature, but otherwise all these sites shine bright in every season. Hop in your favourite rental car from Avis and start your engines for a fun ride all across the lovely city of Delhi.

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Partying with Avis

Every person is aware of the vibrant nightlife of Delhi. Be it visiting exclusive clubs or experimenting with bar hopping on a Saturday night; it is always better to travel at night in one’s own car. Avis makes this easy for every party lover. With AVIS India, car hire in Delhi is convenient and one does not need to worry about commuting at night and can experience the joy of carefree travelling at night. For easily hire self drive rental car download AVIS India application. From north to south, one can easily cover their different clubs even at night.

Shopping Spree

Delhi is also an apt place for shopping lovers. Delhi is home to a variety of flea markets. Starting from Sarojini Nagar to Banjara Market, one can find anything at a reasonable cost in these markets. Even if one is not fond of shopping, one can visit these marketplaces and learn more about Delhi and its shopping hubs.

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Street food on Car rentals

No vacation is complete without excellent and tasty food. Delhi is a hub of history, clubs, and good food! Street food in Delhi is finger licking good. Be it the street food of Chandni Chowk and Lajpat Nagar or premium restaurants of Khan Market; one should try out all such places for their unique flavours and wholesome experiences. Avis makes sure that all its customers get the smoothest rides throughout their vacation in Delhi. Especially if any tourist is not bringing their own vehicle to the city, they would never feel alone or out of place with Avis. An epitome of luxury, comfort, and convenience, Avis is known for its legacy of best customer service.

If you are tired of the usual vacations of beaches and mountains and want to explore the modern lifestyle and historical sites, then Delhi should be your next travel destination.

Road trip from Delhi

While there are many places to visit in Delhi, one can always take a day extra of their vacation and visit the nearby tourist attractions of Delhi. Plan a road trip from Delhito the Neemrana fort or Manesar. There are many options for weekend getaways from Delhi and Delhi being a cosmopolitan city is a hub for outstation cab services.

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