Fire Watch System Checks

Prepare and maintain a reliable fire protection system with a thorough inspection and inspection


Fire Watch Guards have the ability to manage all your fire plans wherever they may be available through a single service coordinator.

This ensures consistency, efficiency of work flow (minimal communication on your part), and saves valuable time and money.

Make sure fire detection, fire sprinkler system security and extinguishing systems work properly before or in the event of a fire. Our experts provide comprehensive architectural and technical fire protection solutions, which assist in the planning, development, maintenance and documentation of an effective and reliable fire protection system. When counting seconds, early detection, warning and extinguishing systems should work together to facilitate safe exits, reduce damage and reduce debt.

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Improve fire protection, alarm and extinguishing systems with our technology

Let us give you complete fire protection to ensure the safety of internal staff and others who visit your building while protecting important property. As a partner in all matters of fire protection, TÜV Rheinland experts can help you to show due diligence to protect you in the event of a defendant’s loss or injury and to provide you with facts to support your case when filing an insurance claim. Avoid planning errors and ensure efficiency, qualify your operators and save time with professional implementation of regulatory authorization processes.

Today, some of the world’s largest and most successful companies trust the Fire Watch Guard to operate and maintain their Fire Watch Services. Those same companies are protecting their most valuable assets and important mechanical processes. In fact, over the past thirty and a half years, the service team has continued to provide unparalleled performance when it comes to Testing, Testing and Maintenance of your Fire Systems.

Fire alarm and detection system

Fire Suppression Systems

Air Sampling


Sprinkler Systems

Emergency / exit lights

SCBA’s (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)

Card access programs

The first thing you will notice is having a well-trained Fire Watch Guard Technician in your area who knows your fire system. Every professional is successful not only in manufacturer training, but solid in-house training in fire systems, NetREPORT, fire codes, and much more.


 Experts are trained to inspect and inspect your fire system regardless of product type. Whether it is a Fire Alarm or a sophisticated Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher Program, our expert team can handle it.


Central Fire Watch Guard Field Technician has more than 8 years of field experience. Trained, Manufactured and Certified Professionals. Individual Fire Watch Guard & Testing at ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Standards to maintain consistent / accurate testing


By continuing our reputation as a technology innovator, we have become the first recipients of online reporting by creating our customer reporting software for our clients, NetSITE.

Easy to access any report online

Reduce your departmental record keeping responsibility.

Reports of any system, anywhere.

Test reports



Owners’ manuals and other important documents