Foremost Dog Training Skills You Should Know

It is an undeniable fact that dog training in Queens is a lifelong procedure. However, as a dog parent you need to understand that some skills are more crucial than others. Consider mastering these important skills and prepare your dog in the best way possible for both the present and future.

Whether you have just bought a new puppy home, adopted a new one or want to train your old dog, here we have mentioned some of the most utmost skills your dog should possess. Hence, without moving to something else, let us get started with the skills.

Training your dog in the house

One of the most important parts of the session is potty training. This part is all about positive reinforcement, patience, and consistency. So as a dog parent, you need to keep in mind the essentials and start with the basics first.

  1. Supervise the dog: If the dog training classes in Queens are taking place from home, then make sure your dog does not have access to all the places in your house. Teach your dog how to follow the commands and not to enter places that are not apt for them. If this asks you to close the door of your bedroom or perform crate training, get started with the same.
  1. Prepare a time table: Dogs learn what you teach them. So make sure you set a time for different activities. Set a schedule for their potty breaks, daily walks, lunch time, and everything else. This way they will learn all the basics and you won’t be in a mess.
  1. Do not punish or beat your dog: If your dog poops inside the home or is not listening to a command, do not beat or punish them. This way they will not learn but only get irritated. Also, with time they will lose the love they have for you. So it becomes your responsibility to stay calm.

With all of this, teaching all the important commands is also of utmost importance. From teaching your dog the “come” command to stay, sit, and more, make sure your pet learns all of it. Let us first discuss the “come” command.

Teaching your dog to “come”

One of the most important commands your dog should learn is “come”. Your dog should respond to this command whenever given. This way your pet will not only be safe from unwanted situations but also people near to them will be secured. In addition to this, in situations where your dog meets an aggressive one can be protected with the help of this command. Basically the idea of this command is no matter what the situation is, at the end of the day your dog should listen and come back to you.

Teaching your dog to “stay”

Giving your dog the “stay” command means asking them to be at a specific place. Basically, the motive of this command is to keep them and the people around them safe. While teaching them this command, keep in mind the crucial D’s.

  1. Distance
  2. Distraction
  3. Duration 

Your dog should be well behaved and be responsive to commands. Proper dog training will help for the same.