Fast and accurate unit conversion online for free

How to perform online unit conversion with ease

We all need a unit converter from time to time, whether for work, education, or out of curiosity. It could be when watching a TV show with the plot taking place in another country or when stumbling upon a really interesting historical article. Oftentimes, such calculations are necessary for our field of work or required by an educational project we do. Either way, there are situations when we need to make a conversion from one measurement unit to another.

Imagine an ideal online unit converter. How would you describe it? Perhaps, something like this:

  • No paid subscription or any other costs.
  • Convenient and intuitive interface.
  • Various units available.
  • Accurate and quick results.

How to switch units with FoxConverter

The conversion calculator is accessible through a “Unit converter” link on the main page. You can search for the exact converter or unit via the search bar, change the color theme of the site from light to dark depending on which is more comfortable for you, or switch between the most popular calculators prepared for you. There are converters for the measurement of area, angle, acceleration, length, time, temperature, and speed. 

To perform a metric conversion, you need to set initial and final units in the corresponding sections of the calculator, and then enter the number you need to convert. The solution will appear in the right section instantly. Click an icon that has a “plus” symbol on it, to copy and then paste it into your working file. If you want to try again with new parameters, just click “Clear” and start anew.

At the bottom of the page, there is a catalog with all the converters available on the website, 

neatly classified for your convenience. They include common, engineering, radiology, light, and magnetism measurements. Just click whatever icon you are interested in, and it will take you to a free calculator with related units.

The takeaway

An online converter can be a handy and useful tool to switch units of measurement from the different metric systems. It can serve business, educational, and entertainment purposes. If you need to use one, we definitely recommend FoxConverter’s free online calculator. It allows you to perform various calculations in a moment, with no payment, registration, or limitations of use.