Know About The Best Ways To Use Powder Detergents

Powder Detergents can be best for your clothes if used correctly. After all, they have a lot more benefits than you actually think.

Yes, you heard it right!

The old-school powder stuff can prove better than liquid detergents for your piles of laundry and never-ending cloth baskets. However, you need to switch to some best brands like surf excel and change the washing ways to bring in the best possible results. 

So, let’s break the stereotypes and shift to some unique and easy washing methods with the surf excel powder detergents. Read on and learn the best ways to use it and ease the washing process. 

Best ways of Using Powder Detergents

Clean clothes with a fresh aroma are the perfect way to add confidence and boost your overall outlook. And with surf excel powder detergents, you get them all!

The powder will not only give you bright whites and shine in your attire but also increase its life. Moreover, they are comparatively much cheaper yet as effective as liquid detergents. Nevertheless, it can only be possible when using them effectively.  Hence, the following tips will help you use the surf excel powders in the best ways and get the most out of them.

Remember the Do’s and Don’ts

Surf excel powder detergents have their own do’s and don’ts. It includes the quantity of powder stuff to be used, the preferred washing cycle, and whether to put it directly in the drum or the powder drawer. You need to follow the guidelines to answer these questions to use the powder detergents effectively. 

Powder detergents are affordable and also better for the environment. Using them in the best way can bring the best for your laundry. Their use process is quite similar to liquid detergents, so keep it the same. For best results, put the powder detergent in the same container where the liquid goes. However, if you don’t have a container, load the clothes and pour the surf excel powder directly into the drum.  Remember that powder detergents may not be effective for greased clothes. Hence, if you have any use liquids for the same. 

Quantity of Laundry Detergents

Be it liquid or powder detergents; both have their unique quantity requirements. Also, it is one of the essential factors that can help maintain the life of the cloth. However, there is no rocket science in determining the perfect quantity of laundry detergents that should be used. Refer to the surf excel powder detergent’s box and carefully read the instructions. Use the measuring cup to weigh out the detergent powder. 

Many people tend to overdo the measurements, or it may happen due to the powdered form of the detergent. However, it is better to avoid the mistake as it may lead to a loss in the quality of your clothes, thus, negatively impacting their life.  Hence, it is better to ensure the perfect quantity of surf excel detergent powder to get the best results. 

Use as per the Machine Type

It is essential to use the powder detergent depending on the type of Machine you have. For instance, if you have a front-load machine, you should add the detergent powder directly to the drum. However, it should be done before you add the clothes to it. Similarly, add the detergent powder to the detergent drawer for top-load washing machines. Different washing machines have different requirements for the best results, so you should use the surf excel powder detergent accordingly. Also, you can dissolve the powder detergent in water before adding it to the washing machine. The technique will not only produce better results but also help in distributing the washing powder evenly. Moreover, surf excel washing powder, when dissolved fully in water and added to the washing machine, will have multiple benefits. It will use comparatively less powder and also ensure better washes. Your clothes will be much more softer, clean, and aromatic than they were before.

Keep Detergents Safe

Unlike liquid detergents, you don’t need to have a giant jug to store powder detergents. You can easily store them in a small box and keep them in a safe place. Powder Detergents are also more effective for mud and dirt. They are even helpful if you don’t own a washing machine. However, it is advised not to keep the surf excel powder detergent in the open.  Though loaded with multiple benefits, keeping them in the open will make them sticky and add moisture to them. The changed texture will prevent the powder from benefitting the clothes and maintaining their shine. Also, it keeping it carelessly may make it a hazard for children and pets as they may reach it easily. Hence, keeping the powders secure is essential for both the detergent and the ones using it. 

Avoid Too Much Detergent

Keep in mind that too much detergent is harmful to the clothes, which is why dosing the detergents is essential. You can follow the dosing instructions as mentioned on the pack for the same. Also, use a scoop to get the perfect quantity of surf excel detergent powder. Use only the amount mentioned in the detergent box. Do not overuse the product as it may make the clothes weak and decrease their life. Over-using the detergent may impact the quality of the product and hamper its condition, making it dull and fading its colors. 

Wrapping Up

Give your clothes a new life and the best wash with the surf excel powder detergent. These ways to use the detergent powder will help you bring the most out of it for your laundry. It will not only help you use it for a longer time but avoid the frequent washes that your clothes may require with some other detergent powder. 

So, why worry when you can clean all your laundry with the most affordable yet powerful option? The surf excel powder will surely remove the toughest stains and make your favorite attire look new all over again!