Do You Really Need a Rewards & Recognition Program?

There is one thing that is common across all us human beings, regardless of who we are, what we are, how we are, we all have feelings. Be it in our personal lives or our work lives, we all feel things… from stress to motivation, unpleasant to love.

With the facts and statistics out there from the endless number of researches and studies conducted, we can very well conclude that Rewards and Recognition have a very huge impact on an organization’s Employee Engagement. However, various companies or employers are still struggling to take advantage of employee appreciation activities because they do not fully understand what exactly employee benefits are and their importance.

If you go out in the market and look at the various studies around employee rewards and recognition you will understand the importance of having high employee engagement and you’ll know why you really need a successful rewards and recognition program in today’s world.

Let us state some benefits that R & R Programs actually hold to make you understand whether or not it is important to make your existing programs better and successful, or to altogether set up a rewards and recognition program.

Employees Start Acting As Per the Company Culture

Every employee rewards and recognition program helps drive the employees closer to the company culture and makes them more aware while developing a sense of transparency and trust.

They help employees be aware of the values that support a business’ organizational culture in helping it reach its goals and missions. It also helps in forming a culture wherein employee engagement is very strong along with the loyalty of the workforce towards the organization’s goals.

Apart from these, R&R Programs also help employees in changing and making their individual attitudes better and teach them how to work in a team while supporting and appreciating the efforts and hard work of one another.

Higher Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an important aspect of any organization. R&R programs help in driving higher employee engagement for your company along with numerous other benefits. They help in providing a sense of support in the community with the option to recognize peers and colleagues on the recognition platform, while also helping in setting up a proper communication system that ensures transparency within the organization. Such a platform really helps boost engagement as for individuals everyone in the company can see their achievements, efforts and major milestones. They also help individuals feel important and valued, which contributes to their self-esteem and makes them feel like they belong in the company. Not just this, enabling peer-to-peer appreciation on such platforms along with top-down appreciation causes a greater impact on employees and makes them feel like they are an essential part of reaching the goals of the organization.

Better Performance of Employees

When you have a proper rewards and recognition program in place it focuses on recognizing the performances of individual employees in the workplace. This makes them motivated and they are more likely to strive to be better at their performance every day for this recognition. They are driven to showcase their hard work and efforts where ever possible, be it via an accomplishment or a discovery or a breakthrough. These platforms and programs also help in building a sense of creativity and innovation in the employees and the overall teams. All in all, they are an effective way to get the feeling of motivation in the employees that thereon drives them to perform better, because of the value and recognition they receive for their efforts and performance.

To Further Conclude

It’s high time in today’s age for the companies out there to realize the importance of rewards and recognition platforms. These R& R platforms don’t have to be complicated or a burden on the company’s budget, they just need to be effective basis the expectations of your company’s employees. It is easy for you to get a reward and recognition program that is personalized as per your organization’s values to make it successful in driving employee engagement.

If you don’t already have a rewards and recognition program in place, or you have one that isn’t performing as per your needs, it is time to understand your employee’s expectations and determine how they would like to be engaged and recognized and set a program that delivers the best for both the parties

About the Author: Advantage Club

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