CBI Net Banking – How to Register for Central Bank of India NetBanking?

CBI, or Central bank of India, is a government bank. In India, this bank is known as the largest commercial and oldest bank. In Mumbai, which is India’s financial capital, the headquarter is located there. The bank was started in the year of 1911, 21st December. It has a total of 4600 branches across India. In India, Net Banking was first introduced in 1990. Customers of the central bank of India also avail of the net banking facility.

Net Banking facility made the banking service faster and easier. You can operate the function very easily. Central Bank of India assures you that customers won’t have to visit the branch; the bank will come to them. You can easily operate everything from a smartphone.

Services offered by the CBI Net Banking

  • Provide you the Transaction History
  • You can able to check the account balance online.
  • Now, you can do the fund transfer easily to the self accounts.
  • Stop the cheque payment.
  • Tax payments
  • Get the cheque inquiry status.
  • You can download the account statement online.
  • Open your account online.
  • Online fund transfer to the third party accounts
  • Bill payment easily

How to Register for Central Bank of India Net Banking?

Avail banking service is time-consuming. If you visit the branch, personally it will take much time. But you register in the net banking then everything you can do from your mobile. If you still do not know how to register for Net banking, you have chosen the right place, as we are going to talk about CBI net banking in this article; I hope this will be helpful for you, so shall we start?

  • Visit the Central Bank of India’s official website and download the application form, or you can also visit the nearest branch just to collect the form.
  • Now fill in all the details in the form and submit the form. Fill in all the information related to you and your account. You need to fill in all the personal detail of yours.
  • After submission, the bank will start their process in time to activate your net banking facility. In earlier days, customers used to visit the bank and withdraw the form and submit it manually. So, it takes time to start the actual process. But now, when everything is online, things will start in the process faster.
  • Bank will send the transaction password and login password separately in your registered mail id. Do not ever disclose this in front of anyone.
  • Once you receive the password, visit the branch to collect the user ID.
  • Now, you are all set to activate your net banking. Use the user ID and password to log in.

How can you open a savings account by using net banking?

Have you ever thought that you can open a savings account online? Now it is very much possible because you have a net banking facility. So let see how you can open a savings account.

  • Visit the CBI official webpage. Put your user id and pin and login to the saving account opening portal online.
  • There, you will get the form to fill in all the details, fill the detailed form and click on the submit button.
  • Being a customer, you can check the status of your online savings account opening from the portal.
  • If you do not fill the form correctly for the first time, the portal will give you another chance to finish that from there you left.

Security Tips 

  • As a user, you need to be very careful and cautious while using the net banking service. Do not click on any link; click on the authorized and safe link of the central bank of India net banking. Net bank link you will get from their official webpage.
  • For safety, it is advisable to change the password provided by the bank. After getting the pink, you can reset your pin.
  • Note the fact from the address bar, which displays before you log in.
  • You can use your smartphone, computer, or laptop to use your net banking facility, but make sure always to use the updated version of antivirus.
  • If you have any doubt related to your account, change your password immediately.

Advantages of CBI Net Banking

Most people moved to net banking for various reasons. Let’s have a look at those.

  • Services are open 24/7 during a pandemic –This is one of the first and most important advantages of net banking. A senior citizen cannot go out to the bank; moreover, when the world is suffering from a pandemic, people cannot go to crowded places. Due to the fewer staff availability in the bank, manual services became slow. But people who are using net banking did not face any problems. They can avail the service at midnight as well.
  • Efficiency and fast service-If you need to transfer your money, earlier you had to wait in the bank, but with an online e-banking service, you can pay bills online and raise a new credit card request without visiting the branch.

How can you create a log-in password online?

  • Visit the website and click on the online password option opening page.
  • Now, enter the ten-digit CIF number and enter the registered phone number from your registered account. Do not forget to put 91 before the ten-digit number.
  • Click on the generate option and press next.
  • You will get an OTP to your registered number.
  • Use the OTP to log in and change it.

CBI Net Banking will offer multiple services to the customers. It not only make your life easier but also you can access the banking service from your home or anywhere as well. Customers do not have to the branch for any inquiry. They can simply do that anywhere and anytime. Even for a small transaction to RTGS transfer, even for bank statement. All you can do from home.


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