Are Steel doors in Nairobi good? What you need to know when buying steel doors

Security in the current state of the Nation is paramount.They have designed steel doors to be burglar-proof. When in the market for a steel door, there are factors you have to consider? These factors will assist you in making the right decision for your home or business. In this article, I will offer my opinion on the best ways to find the right steel door.

What is a steel door?

There is one key difference we need to understand between a steel door and a wrought iron door. Manufacturers do not make a steel door up of 100% steel. Steel is not a naturally occurring element in nature; it is a mixture of iron and carbon. A steel door comprises a polyurethane or a polystyrene inner core and a steel outer core. 

A wrought iron door is a locally assembled security door for residential, and business premises made up of 100% metal with or without a cut-out to let the sunlight inside. 

Factors you need to consider when buying a steel door?

There are a few factors we should consider when deciding to purchase steel doors in Nairobi;


If you need your steel door to have a cut-out, you need to purchase one already installed with a cut-out. Cut-outs can be windows to ensure you get sunlight in the house or the more uncommon pet doors. 


Manufacturers make steel doors with a factory primer finished with paint according to the client’s preference. Manufacturers can also fit steel doors with a PVC layer that is adhered to the door to give it a certain look, feel, and finish. 


When choosing the right door, resistance should be at the top of the list. A door should always be weather, scratch, and burglar resistant. Steel doors certainly offer all these to a certain degree. 

Where to install a steel door?

Manufacturers install steel doors in the exterior and interior areas of the home. Given the deteriorating state of security in Nairobi, most homeowners and business premises are installing steel doors at the entry of their homes or premises and the interior for added security. 

Steel doors are also very key in preventing devastating fire damage when installed between interior spaces.

The Pros and Cons of Installing steel doors


  1. A steel door is strong

It provides a very strong outer shell that makes it very difficult for intruders to break in. it would take a very long time for burglars to make entry to your premises before you call for help from the local police form or raise the alarm with your security company. 

  1. Fire-rated

Steel doors in Nairobi are fire-rated. That means they can withstand fire for 20 minutes before they put it out. 


  1. They are expensive

Because of their build, steel doors are quite an investment. A single door steel door will retail for Kes 19,600. 00 up to Kes 26,000.00 for a double door entryway steel door. Compared to wood or wrought iron doors that can retail from Kes 6,000.00 to Kes. 10,500.00 respectively. 

  1. Expensive maintenance

When dents and scratches are noticed on a steel door, you cannot use wood putty to fill it out. You will require an auto body filler such as a Bondo, which you will sand down and paint to match the other door parts. 


The steel doors sold in Nairobi are a substantial investment to some part and a liability to another. When deciding to install a steel door, I suggest you do a SWOT analysis. This article will help you get the right start on steel doors in Nairobi. For more inforvation, visit


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)