A 30kva generator like any other generator can be used as a primary power supply unit in areas where there is no power connection or as a backup or secondary power source in cases of power cut-offs, or in case there is planned maintenance being carried out in the power lines by the power provider company.

Classification of 30kva generator

a 30kva generator can generally be classified into two main types which are either alternating current or Direct current generators. Other types kick in from these two main models.

Alternating current 

 A 30kva generator can be classified as an alternative current (AC) kind of generator whereby it is used to provide power used to power home appliances like computers television sets. 

Direct current

There is also the direct current kind whereby the generator is used as the primary and sole power source. Mostly common with plant operations. Most common though with the manufacturing and industries 

The alternating current or the direct current 30kva generator can further be classified according to the following principles. 


30kva generator can also be classified by considering what is used in the mechanical motor in generating power for example there can be a petroleum 30kva generator, a diesel 30kva generator, a 30kva steam generator

A 30kva generator can take more or less up to 3.9l of fuel but again this will depend on the model that one gets 


A 30kva generator can as well be classified by the noise it produces when in use. in this case it can be either a silent or a noise remitting in which means the generator either does not or produce noise when in use respectively.

Silent generators are most common in places where noise is prohibited say like in hospitals, most office premises as well, supermarkets.

Size and Portability

A 30kva generator can be really big commonly used in business premises or of a tiny size that can be used even at homes, the size and the make which include having wheels or even ways that makes it easy to lift including crane are what will determine how easy it is to move the generator from one place to the other

Points to consider before buying a 30kva generator in Kenya


A 30kva generator price range to Ksh 1,850,000 depending on the model, size, fuel tank size, and maybe the size of the generator 


If the generator will be the primary source of electricity than going for the bigger size seem to be a great option as the amount of output power and the space for fuel input capacity, also the place where the generator will be used at for instance in case the generator is used in a place where noise is prohibited then a silent 30kva generator is the best option  

Management system

A 30kva generator has a fairly easy-to-use control system that displays the power generated also ensures there is a 3phase in case the connection is primarily for 3 phase kind of connection in the place of which the generator will be used.


In case the generator is used as a backup plan for electricity then it is of primary concern to consider the input connection point into the generator as well as the output connection to ensure that there will be no problem with the connection and that it will serve the backup connection plan well

Importance of 30kva Generator

with constant power supply interruptions having a 30kva generator enhances the chances of maintaining electronic devices uses in addition to that one is also guaranteed continuous electricity and therefore always delivering in time especially in situations where one relies on electric power in the daily running of their operations.

Whether to purchase a 30 KVA Generator

Now have all the necessary tools to get you started on high-power generators in Kenya. You only need to tour the market and grab the best brand.


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)