Anthony Prince: The Story And His Rise To Greatness

Anthony Prince, who was born in New York City in 1984, is a well-known tattoo artist and entrepreneur. Prince’s early life was filled with conflict, which inspired him to choose a life of crime as a youth, which led to his imprisonment. Prince was arrested and sentenced to ten years in jail for armed robbery when he was 18 years old. Prince was introduced to tattooing while incarcerated. He was a naturally talented drawer who used those years to improve his skills.

When Prince was released in 2015, he immediately began tattooing, quickly becoming known as one of the top tattoo artists in the Southwest. In 2017, he began traveling and competing in tattoo competitions across the country. He now has well over 100 major tattoo awards and is widely respected throughout the tattoo business.

Prince launched Prince Art & Ink in 2018, followed by Tilted Krown, an offshoot clothing line. The clothing line has become a fixture in the tattoo world, frequently appearing in mall stores and at tattoo conventions. He is now regarded as Arizona’s top tattoo artist, specializing in color picture realism and mind-blowing coverups. Prince has recently been spending time helping with troubled youth. He tells his tale with them in the aim of inspiring them to continue pursuing their aspirations.

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