Amazing Resort Style Interior Design Ideas

Who doesn’t love the feeling of going on a vacation and spending time in a resort with its beautiful interior and luxurious feel? How about if we tell you that you can bring the same kind of resort vibes in your own home? Through interior designing, you have the option of transforming your home into almost any kind of fantasy or imagination. You don’t have to follow a particular design theme to the dot; you can play around with different options and add elements in the design that can help to bring out such a character and personality in it that resonates with your own.

In this article, we will show you how you can bring those vacation and resort vibes into your home through design ideas and tricks. As an inspiration, we will be considering a design portfolio by Space Factor which is a leading interior design firm in Singapore. Although this resort-style house has been made on a landed property, that doesn’t mean that you cannot incorporate these ideas into an HDB home. With a few tweaks here and there, you can also create a resort-style interior in your HDB home.

Create A Rockery And Add Lots Of Plants

One of the first things that you notice at a resort is the amount of nature that has been incorporated into it. Whether it is the use of plants, wood, rocks, and other earthly elements, they make an integral part of the resort. To bring those vibes into your home, you can create a beautiful rockery with green, leafy plants in your entrance. As can be seen in the following picture of the design portfolio by Space Factor, a bed of black rocks is beautifully contrasted with white marble slabs and green plants to give a very welcoming and fresh outlook. This kind of entrance sets a beautiful tone for what can be expected from the rest of the home. Even if you have an apartment, you can create a small rockery like this one in its entrance to set the mood for what is about to follow.

Construct A Wooden Platform For Relaxed Sitting

In case of a landed property, you will have enough space to create a wooden platform for relaxed sitting. Even in the case of an HDB or condominium, you can create such a relaxing space in your balcony. A dark wood platform with an overhead wooden shade automatically produces resort-style vibes. Place comfortable cane furniture with colorful cushions and you got yourself a resort-style sitting area. You can add different forms of lighting in this area to further elevate its appearance and aesthetics. Add some grass carpet on the sides to add the final touch to this interior.

Luxurious Interior In The Living Room

When it comes to the living room, it should offer a luxurious look like that of a fancy hotel or resort. As shown in the picture, this can be achieved by choosing beautiful marble for the floors. A huge chandelier in the middle of the room creates a classy and luxurious feel. An antique coffee table in the center of a huge rug perfectly contrasts the comfortable off-white sofa. We can also see in the picture that different types of intricate consoles adorn the interior and add a mystical touch to it. The high ceilings along with the intricate railings add a grand and royal touch. Apart from the chandelier, we can also see spotlights and other types of light that help bring versatility in the design. The overall effect is that of a luxurious and grande one.

Royal Bedroom

The bedroom of a resort also features wooden elements and modern lighting. The thing to keep in mind is that it should offer some type of grandeur and luxury. This is achieved in the following design portfolio by adding a four post wooden bed with a wooden accent wall and partition. Beyond this partition is the dressing area where again we see similar wooden cupboards. Above the bed in the ceiling is a beautiful skylight sort of element that has been illuminated with warm lights. The wooden floors, brown drapes, and the overall warm aesthetics of the room give it that resort-style look which cannot be matched.

Elegant Bathrooms

The luxury and royalness of this interior design should not be limited to the living room and bedrooms. You can also add that elegant touch to your bathrooms. Think white pebbles, marble, and mosaic architecture. As can be seen in the following image of the portfolio, the shower area is designed in a resort-style fashion. We see white pebbles bordering the shower floor with a mosaic accent wall behind the shower.

In the other bathroom, we can see mosaic tiles that create the backdrop for the looking mirror. Its elegance is enhanced by adding indirect lighting behind the mirror. We can also see similar mosaic detailing in the glass shower area which it gives it a distinctive look when compared with typical glass shower areas.

These are some of the design ideas and tips that you can incorporate into your home to give it that resort-style look so that every day in your home feels like a vacation!

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