Nail The Ultimate Modern HDB Interior Design with These 5 Tips

In recent times, many homeowners have turned to minimalist and Scandinavian interior design. Perhaps, these two styles are pretty easy to pull off, but they can barely match the modern interior’s everlasting relevance.

Indeed, smooth lines and modernist aesthetics offer great flexibility. In other words, modern interior design will allow you to fully personalise your HDB or condo. Here’s how to nail the interior style without effort:

What is modern interior design?

In essence, modernism dates back to the late 19th century and the mid 20th century. After its peak popularity in the 1930s, it slowly turned into a Post-Modernist culture. Still, many people like the style for its unique looks. Moreover, it’s clutter-free and neat, an ideal feature for every HDB interior design.

Arguably, the style’s primary principle claims that form must follow function. In this regard, the interior style combines simplicity and function by using eclectic elements. Some of the movements that add extra depth to the category include Bauhaus and De Stijl.

How to achieve a unique modern interior design

Before planning your design, you need to consider a few modern interior style tips. Since they’re crucial for the proper execution of the style, they will also help you impose your individuality. Here’s what to focus on in your modern interior design:

Streamlined details

HDB BTO bedroom design by AC Vision

Undoubtedly, the main feature of every modern design is the clean, straight lines. The minimalistic elements here are evident, but they are far more detailed. Typically, you’d want to take inspiration from geometrical shapes. For example, you can focus on horizontal and vertical lines and cylindrical columns. Ultimately, you can create a seamless transition between elements, showcasing cohesion in your HDB interior design.

Clutter-free space

Another element that leads to the style is the lack of clutter. Indeed, the “less is more” mantra is common for the modern style. However, it’s important to note that modernism relies on functionality more than elegance. In this regard, your first job would be to remove anything you don’t plan to use. Instead of cluttering your countertops and walls, you can bring in some expressive artwork.

Usually, abstract art is the perfect way to make your home exude modernism. Alternatively, you can expand the idea by hanging a small art series. Make sure you restrain from arranging the pieces in a gallery way to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Neutral palette

You should choose the right wall colours before you even start sorting out your furniture and décor. Since they will heavily influence the overall tone of your modern interior design, you should steer clear of bright shades. Instead, you should pick a monochromatic combo in white, beige, grey or pastel colours. In turn, you’ll have the perfect background to build up your modern interior design.

Open-plan layout

Open-plan layouts are a common theme among HDB and condo homes in Singapore. In most cases, the space is limited, and homeowners and designers take a more creative approach. Indeed, the best way to open up more space is to hack down the wall bordering the kitchen and living room. In turn, you can safely use furniture or room dividers to create focal points.

For instance, you can separate the kitchen from your dining area using a sofa. Just make sure you follow the rules and regulations regarding hacking down walls. Ultimately, you’ll create a clutter-free modern design while helping the unrestricted airflow in your home.

Modern furniture

HDB BTO living room by AC Vision

Typically, minimalist and Scandinavian interiors use elevated furniture to create a sense of airiness. However, the modern style opts for the exact opposite strategy. Instead, you should focus on buying longer pieces with a lower height.

Make sure you choose natural materials like authentic wood or metal. Of course, you can always use cheaper alternatives like veneers and concrete finishes. Also, don’t forget to adorn your furnishing with leather and fabric upholstery as well as chrome and glass elements. If possible, add a mid-century modern chair with plain fabric and don’t overdo decorations.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there’s no need to look for an alternative to minimalist interior design. After all, an HDB modern interior design has much more to show as it gives the freedom of individuality. Whether through the abstract wall art or the subtly elegant furniture, the style instils a deep sense of relaxation.

Moreover, you’ll feel a lot cosier when you remove the clutter. If you’re starting your interior design project from scratch, make sure you check out AC Vision. The experts will provide pro interior design aid for your project. Ultimately, you’ll create the home of your dreams without dumbing down on quality.

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