Al Pacino’s Life Journey

Al Pacino is a superstar in the film industry. He has acted as starring in many series. He has won several awards indicating his high levels of performance. He has been a superstar since the 1970s.  

Early life

Al Pacino was born in New York in the year 1940 25th of April; his parents separated when he was two years old.  His mother, rose Gerardi, and father Pacino Salvarore made an official divorce in the year 1942. Salvarore Pacino moved on to California, while rose Gerardi move on to the Bronx together with Al Pacino, where they lived. A single mother then raised him with the support of his grandparents. His grandparents were Italian immigrants.

As he grew up, he began drinking beer and smoking both cigarette marijuana at the early age of 9.   He, therefore, became very arrogant and aggressive, causing war all the time. He was a good trouble maker in Bronx and school. The lowest point of his life, his mother died when he was 22 years and later on, his grandfather also passed on after a year. Even though he accepted the situation, it wasn’t easy in any way.


Al Pacino joined Herman Ridder Junior High School. He used to fail many times till he decided to drop out at the age of 17. In school, he liked playing baseball and had been nicknamed the actor sonny by his friends. He then developed an interest in acting performances while still a teenager.


Al Pacino has never been married but has three children with two different women. His firstborn was born early in the year 1989. Her name is Julie Marie, whose mother is Jan Tarrant, who is also an actor. In 1996, he got engaged with Beverly D Angelo, the actress, and they shared twins. Olivia rose and Anton James Pacino is the names of his twin kids. However, all Pacino’s relationship didn’t last for long. They parted ways in the year 2000. Anton James Pacino is the most likely child to take after his work.

Al Pacino has never been married. He had so many relationships that ended up worthlessly with several women. The relationship with actress Lucia Polak lasted longer compared to the rest. It’s the painful truth for those who ever loved him. I bet he must be a lovely guy who doesn’t give women a chance of trial.

Net worth.

Al Pacino’s net worth is approximately estimated to earn $120,000. He is a wealthy person who doesn’t struggle to have a good lifestyle. His income source is only based on his writing and acting on live performance and the screen.


Al Pacino found his interest in performing films while he was still a teenager. After dropping out of school, his mother disliked the idea that he was more interested in joining the art school. Fortunately, his mother brought the idea later on and took him to school. After few attempts to perform on available acting companies without success, he never gave up.

He was very for used and determined on venturing into the film field. At this time, he got persistent and patient. He later got a mentor by the name of Charlie Laughton, his teacher at HB studio. Charlie understood and became his best friend. He revealed that Charlie offered stepping stones for his success. On performing, The Panic in Needle Park, he got excellent notice though he acted as a minor character.


After acting The Godfather 1 in the year 1971, it resulted excellently and played part 2 in the same year. In the year 1975, Al Pacino acted as starring on the dog day afternoon. He got awarded the drama desk award nomination for presenting an excellent stage performing American buffalo. He also gained favorable reviews in New York City after he performed on Shakespeare festival production.   

After acting the Godfather part 3, Al Pacino won an Academy Award Nomination in the year 1990. He later acted in several films that include; Michael Mann’s Heat, supernatural thriller, any given Sunday, devil’s advocate, Donnie Brasco, the insider, among many others.

He made it a good writer, producer, and director in the industry to complete successful films. At the age of 60 years, he won Emmy Awards despite the old age. He has won the Golden Globe Award in the year 2019. Al Pacino has acted in so many films until he decided to have a TV film with Mamet’s collation.  

Being a homeless person, he has made it in life. He has inspired millions who feel like losing hope due to life circumstances issues.