8 reasons why losing your job can be a good thing

Once we step into the world of adulthood our jobs become the pivotal point for most of us. Whenever someone asks how life is getting along, we immediately align our response with our current employment status. If we love our job, we consider our life to be happy and successful. If our career is at a struggling stage, then the rest of our experiences are overshadowed by it. Therefore, losing a job has the potential of wreaking havoc on your mental health.

The hurt and disappointment over losing a stable income is understandable. Various fears rise up rendering you unable to focus on positivity. It is not easy to get over something upon which you spend hours of your time and effort. But like from every other low point in life, one has to move towards a new beginning. Our eight reasons to make an experience like this positive for you will guide you on this journey.

  • It is time to move on to a new venture

Once the dark clouds begin to dispel after the initial period of stress, you must think ahead. Open your eyes to perceive new possibilities which you didn’t think about before. Your previous position might have been perfect from every angle. But what was it that you always wanted to do? Now is the time you can try that thing out instead of being depressed over the past. It might even lead to new ideas and open up new paths for you. create a new CV for you that stands out and gives you more new opportunities, if you can’t create one take a cheap cv writing service from the experts.

  • Visit that place you always wanted to go

Now that you are not beholden to an organization, the world is your oyster. Pack up your luggage and go on a hiking trip or soak some sun on the beach. Get your thoughts in order by refreshing your mind and senses. Even if you are low on budget and unable to plan a big trip, you can still go trekking. Blow off the cobwebs by letting in some fresh air and sunlight. It will help you think clearly for the future as well when the time comes.

  • Do no think it is the end of the world

Think calmly instead of being desperate and sending out resumes to every opening you can find. It is actually a period that lets you have various options. Go through the jobs you want to apply for and think which of them actually suits you.

Do you want to stay on the same career path or switch to a new field entirely? Give yourself time to think about it before ultimately choosing an option. Once you are certain, Genie Resumes can help you write the perfect CV to apply for your dream position. Our professional writers will highlight your capabilities and craft the resume according to the most recent market trends. Which will ensure that it is considered by the hiring managers of any upstanding company.

  • Develop a hobby

This can be anything new you have discovered you would like to do or dusting off an old passion. Start a fitness routine. Cook some interesting never before tried recipes. Take that book off the shelf you always wanted to finish but couldn’t because of your tiring work hours. There is a whole new world you can immerse yourself into by taking a break from your usual routine. Anything that makes you feel happy and excited must be tried during this free time you get.

  • It will be easier to apply now than the first time

This is a perk of being freshly unemployed yet experienced. You have been on the cruise and now know which are the good spots and which should be avoided. The corporate world is just another jungle which this time around is less scary because you are familiar with it. Be confident that you will find your ground more easily than before now.

  • Enjoy the increased family time you are getting

You can have all the money you could possibly have, yet it will be meaningless without a family. Having the love and support of the people close to you should be a top priority. A nine-to-five job can take you away from your loved ones. So, take advantage of this time to reconnect and relax with those who matter the most.

  • It allows you to learn persistence again

Working for a long time in one place can dull your creative talents. Applying for a new position at a new company will get you out of your comfort zone. Challenging yourself to handle new projects and polishing up certain skills is a way to recharge your mind. It is a sign of growth to reach out towards new goals and they make great additions to your resume as well.

  • Helps you learn that life does not remain the same

There are times when life deals you a bad hand. It happens to all of us as human beings and no matter how distressful it must be accepted. The major thing to focus on is that there are more ways to be happy and fulfilled. Failures are just the rungs of a ladder that is leading you to the top. So, even if this door is closed then another much better one will open.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons you must not stop living just because you have lost a job. Spend the free time you are getting in a wise manner. Rest your brain and think of the future. If you play your cards right, it will be full of new adventures and experiences.


Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education, and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.