7 Reasons to Use Custom Printed Tape

Custom Printed Tape makes adding your logo or other text to any spot on a wall easy. This low-cost, high-impact wall covering can be printed directly onto the flexible adhesive tape (or “stick”). Custom printed tape can become a marketer for businesses. The result is a gorgeous, subtle display of your brand. Here are seven reasons to consider adding this durable, high-impact display to your wall.

1. Print on Tape Easily

Printed on tape can be adhered with just about any adhesive — even heat-sealed with high-grade adhesive. To print on tape simply peel, peel, and stick with the included dispenser. You can use any adhesive for this surface, but be careful about heat-sealing it.

2. Printed on Tape is Affordable

Printed on tape can be found for as little as $5, depending on how much you need to cover your wall. This type of wall covering can be printed on almost any adhesive, and it’s great for display walls, in between partitions, or even inside a closet.

You can order blank custom printed tape for less than $10 from the company. Plus, you can design your own custom message for a few extra dollars. Either way, it’s a great way to personalise your space for a fraction of the price.

3. Hold up to Rubbing, Dust, Lifting, and Soil

Printed on tape works great with natural wall textures, including paint. It can also be used on painted walls, toggles, and metal. Tape will keep that paint in place when you want to freshen up a room and prevent the rest of the wall from becoming dirty or scratched up.

4. It’s Overnight Disposable

If you plan to take down your print on tape after a period of time, you can do so without washing it. You can simply peel and stick it back onto the surface to achieve a quick “renewed” look.

5. You Can Re-Position and Redecorate

Printed on tape can easily be moved around or repositioned to reflect a changing look. It can be hung up to mimic other wall decorations or pinned back to create one-of-a-kind wall art.

Printed on tape offers the freedom to change your design and show off what’s most important to you — without the mess of removing the original. You can always reposition the pieces and make room for other ideas and wall art you may want to add.

6. You Can Choose Your Customization

You can have up to 11 letters or 12 characters on the printed-on tape. While this isn’t a huge display area, it’s still a great option if you’re looking for a large logo that requires lots of blank space to fill in.

Custom printed tape comes in a variety of colours, patterns, and sizes. You can choose from stencilled graphics, spot art, wall stickers, and more. If you’re not sure what to create, you can easily create an image or symbol using our selection of graphics.

7. It’s Highly Versatile

Printed on tape is designed to look great as a single wall sticker or in larger applications, such as light switches and door handles. Since it’s reusable, you can place it anywhere in the home you want to create a display of your brand.

Whether you choose to create a custom printed tape yourself, or use some of the pre-designed options, you have a vast variety of printing options. A variety of logos and images can be affixed to the tape at any time.


Custom printed tape is a great way to show off your brand without the use of expensive displays or furniture. Whether you use it in a room’s entire back wall, or as a subtle accent in a few key spots, it’s a low-cost way to take your décor up a notch.