5 Things to Consider Before Buying New Laptop Keyboards

When it comes to keyboards, the user experience is critical. Not only do you look at the keyboard itself when buying a laptop, but you also need to consider the overall keyboard aesthetic and portability of the keyboard. We’ve rounded up five important things to think about before buying a new keyboard keys or even new keyboard:

1.    Size

As with any type of keyboard, you have to consider the overall size of the keyboard. While keyboards now come in several different sizes, there are also sizes that aren’t usually available for laptops, such as a full-size version. Keyboard replacement keys also need size factor to be considered as priority.

The keys on an Apple keyboard, for example, are all actually either full-sized keys, or very narrow keys, so the size will depend on what type of laptop you have and whether you are looking for a full-sized or narrow keyboard. If you have a thin laptop that doesn’t have a touchpad, you’ll want a thin keyboard, but for a laptop with a touchpad and smaller keyboard, a full-size keyboard may be preferable.

2.    Construction

Different types of keyboards are constructed differently. For example, mechanical keyboards generally use a lot of steel and require the laptop keys replacement services. There are also some laptops that have fabric keyboards that are lighter than metal-based laptops. If you’re buying a mechanical keyboard, make sure the steel elements are firmly fastened to the keyboard and that the keys themselves will keep their shape.

When buying a keyboard made of plastic or fabric, ensure the keys will not slip out of place as you type. Many keyboards, especially on small laptops, are fragile and prone to falling out of place. If you have long typing sessions, the weight of the keyboard may be a significant factor. You may want to look for a keyboard with a firm backrest.

3.    Touchpad

Some laptop manufacturers now include a touchpad as part of their keyboard and often this is a physical button, or a separate touchpad button on the keyboard. This is ideal for people who have physical disabilities. A physical button that you press and release, such as a Windows key, is much more precise than the typical touchpad button, which tends to be sensitive and also needs to be activated by a flick of the finger.

Some laptops have trackpads that require a button press to register a click, or they can be buttonless, or have a special touchpad feature built in. This type of touchpad is useful for those who prefer a physical touchpad, but it will not allow you to use the trackpad without pressing a physical button. If you need to replace your keyboard keys, then asus keyboard keys are the best option.

4.    Ergonomics

Other factors to think about when purchasing a laptop keyboard are ergonomics and mobility. It may seem intuitive to consider a keyboard that will help you type faster, but you also have to consider the size of the keyboard, and how easy the keys will be to reach on your lap. There are several ergonomic keyboards on the market, including the Microsoft Precision Touchpad, and it’s best to try them out to find one that works best for you.

5.    LED Lights

While the actual keyboard itself doesn’t light up, it is important that a keyboard has LED lights that indicate key events. For example, you should be able to see if your key has been pressed by looking at the LED light. Look for the word “Press,” “Click,” “Commit,” or “Delete” when you are searching for a key. This will help you know if you have pressed a key or not, allowing you to move onto the next one in a word list.


You can easily get your hands on the best laptop keyboard or on the replacement laptop keys for your needs, or even design your own for a great price. If you’re tired of getting distracted every time you want to type on your laptop, getting a new keyboard or keys for keyboard can give you the freedom to move around your desk with more ease. There are many small parts that make up a laptop, so it can be very challenging to replace all the parts, but with the right tool, you can do it!

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