Why study in New Zealand?

New Zealand has a British education system with a clear qualifications framework and pathways from secondary education to vocational training and the university sector. The country itself lies in the southwest Pacific Ocean, about a three-hour flight from Australia. The famed waffle land has an abundance of beautiful scenery and a clean, unspoiled natural environment. For students, New Zealand offers a wide range of sporting and cultural activities, making it a diverse and interesting environment to live in. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington, and the largest metropolitan area is Auckland; both are located on the North Island. What’s more, Auckland is considered one of the friendliest cities in the world – and certainly for those who choose to study in New Zealand. 

What should you know about New Zealand before flying out to study?

The official languages are English, Maori and New Zealand Sign Language, with English being dominant and therefore widely spoken throughout the country. It is recommended that students who wish to study abroad delve into the entire journey, from preparation, courses and the recruitment process, to paperwork and visas. New Zealand universities are among the top 200 universities in the world, as their most prestigious university stands at number 82. 

Why study in New Zealand? Which universities should I consider? 

In New Zealand, people are very open to foreign visitors, so as a new student, you will have no trouble acclimating. You can easily meet new people and thus their culture and way of life.  The great cultural diversity and attractive locations mean that student life does not revolve only around study. Each university offers the possibility of obtaining a scholarship, but the requirements vary and it is advisable to read about them in advance. The University of Auckland is one of the best courses in New Zealand which is a public institution.  It was founded in the year 1883. “Through natural ability and hard work” is the motto of the university and it has remained true to this motto through the quality of professionals it produces. This place is considered as the most prestigious university in all of New Zealand as it has a world ranking of 81. The university has more than 40,000 enrolled students with more than staff of 5,000 which is definitely an impressive result. 

The oldest university with a long history is the University of Otago. The university has four faculties with a wider range of departments being instilled in them. The four faculties are; commerce, health sciences, humanities, and sciences.