5 Important Winter Plumbing Tips By A Professional Plumber Doncaster

While most homeowners are concerned about prevention during the summer and fall months, winter poses its own unique set of problems. From frozen pipes to burst water mains and flooding, winter weather can wreak havoc on your plumbing so it is vital to have a reliable professional plumber Doncaster to turn to when the cold weather arrives for the best plumbing maintenance.

Disconnect Your Outside Hose

Your outdoor hose may be the first one to suffer damage from a cold snap. One of the most important things to remember to ensure that your pipes don’t freeze is to disconnect and store your hoses. Be sure to complete this task earlier than usual so your hose is safely stowed before the first wave of wintry weather arrives. It’s also smart to turn off the valves of outside faucets during the winter.

Check Your Home for Any Leaks

Fall is also the time of year to look for plumbing leaks in the home. Check faucets and shower heads for low water pressure and watch out for those signs. If any type of leak appears, contact a professional immediately to have the damage repaired. Minor leaks can compound over time, resulting in higher costs on your utility bills.

Try to Always Keep Your House Warm

To keep your pipes from freezing, think about keeping your indoor temperature warm! Inferior indoor temperatures are the primary cause of home pipe bursts. Make sure your thermostat is set to an optimal level, and the temperature in your house does not drop below 55 degrees.

Check Your Sinks for Potential Clogging Issues

It’s a poor idea to use your sink as garbage disposal. Oils and fats poured down the drain can harden when temps drop, especially in the winter. This can clog your drains and cause additional complications. To keep your pipes ready for the next big chill, say goodbye to grease respectfully and keep drains open.

Make Sure to Have Your Pipes Inspected

You haven’t had your pipes checked before, so a plumber will certainly ensure that everything is in working order for the wintertime. He or she can also protect your home from bursting pipes by installing insulation and fixing them so they work well. In the home, a pipe bursting can cause so many issues, so never fail to have it looked at.

Most Importantly, Make Sure You Have a Certified Plumber

One often-overlooked element of plumber shopping is locating a certified plumber. You may be attracted by the lower price, but there are significant risks in hiring an uncertified plumber; they may be inexperienced, they may not be as honest with the cost, and they are not consistently reliable.

Some signs of a qualified plumber are several years of experience dealing with plumbing problems, wearing company clothing, and driving a company vehicle. By choosing a qualified licensed local plumber, you can have peace of mind knowing that they’ve received the training needed to fix your plumbing problems.


Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or a landlord, if you have plumbing on your property, you need to know about the proper upkeep for it. This is especially true during the winter when things can get pretty problematic in the plumbing.