What is the Global DevOps Bootcamp?

Traditionally, people had access to a limited amount of information only. Today, however, if we ask you ‘What are the best restaurants in California?,’ then you can immediately search it over Google and get the list within a matter of seconds (even if you live in India). Well, that’s the power of the internet which has made the entire world a global village. The internet penetrated into every business vertical and brought them to a stage that we witness in our daily lives today.

The education industry is no different, though it started adopting emerging technologies comparatively late, now we can notice their significant impact in this sector. Commonly known as eLearning, this form of education utilizes the potential of the internet to reach millions of learners worldwide. In other words, eLearning allows people to learn something right from the comfort of their home and not through local instructors but through industry experts and highly experienced faculty of top universities.

Today, online Bootcamps have emerged that help graduates and professionals learn new skills and take their careers ahead. These Bootcamps are designed to take professionals from zero knowledge to fully trained individuals within a short period of time. In line with this trend, one may come across a number of Bootcamps on a wide range of fields. For example, a global  DevOps Bootcamp is designed for those who want to explore the concepts of DevOps methodology. Do you want to understand what a global DevOps Bootcamp is? If yes, then this article is for you.

Read on to find out more about the global DevOps Bootcamp and what can you learn through it.

The Global DevOps Bootcamp

The global DevOps Bootcamp simply means an online rigorous training program designed by industry experts that can teach you DevOps from basics to the advanced levels. Here the term global suggests that though the training program may be created by an ed-tech platform and headed by a single instructor, the program is accessible to the global audience, meaning people across the world can enroll in it and go through its study materials. 

To understand it better, let us take you through one of the best DevOps Bootcamp available in the market – Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in DevOps in collaboration with Caltech CTME (Center for Technology and Management Education).

The Post Graduate Program in DevOps helps you understand how to bridge the gap between software development and IT operations. It imparts practical skills through industry-oriented projects in continuous deployment and configuration tools – Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and SaltStack. Some of the important topics covered in this course include the DevOps methodology, continuous integration, continuous delivery, containerization, configuration management, source control, and deployment automation. The program duration is 9 months and the fee is as low as Rs. 5975 per month.

What benefits will you get through this PG program in DevOps:

  • Experience industry-specific training from global experts who are top DevOps practitioners
  • Caltech CTME instructors conduct masterclasses as part of the program
  • Leverage the 9 months of applied learning with over 20 hands-on projects and sandboxed labs
  • Get a chance to work on the Capstone project and apply the skills gained through theoretical classes 
  • Access to Simplilearn JobAssist where you will be offered career mentorship, resume assistance, interview preparation tips, and access to recruitment drives
  • Program performance report for the entire learning path
  • Get membership in the CTME Circle network
  • Receive up to 25 CEUs and earn a Caltech CTME Post Graduate Certificate.

This PG program is suitable for system administrators, software developers, IT managers, technical project managers, and cloud and deployment engineers. As part of the eligibility criteria, you only need to hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with 50% marks or higher. Individuals who do not have any programming background and those without any work experience are also eligible to apply.

This is how an online DevOps Bootcamp looks. Though different training providers have their unique program features, the basic program structure is quite similar for all of them.

Can the Global DevOps Bootcamp also mean an event?

Well, yes! Rather than an online training program, the Global DevOps Bootcamp may also mean a worldwide community event like that hosted by XPIRIT and SOLIDIFY. It is a full-day experience around a central theme and involves a keynote by a famous speaker, a local keynote, and a challenging hackathon that emphasizes DevOps practices and modern software practices. Through this event, people also learn about the latest trends in the DevOps landscape and share their real-world experiences. In 2019, this event was sponsored by Microsoft and became quite successful. Those who participated in the event learned to build modern apps using continuous delivery and leveraging DevOps principles.

To conclude, a DevOps Bootcamp is really beneficial for those who want to start a career in DevOps. Though it may take some time to build a strong foundation, you will witness good career growth ahead and achieve recognition because of the DevOps Bootcamp. 


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