17 Hair Care Essentials You Must Pack for a Weekend Trip

Are you finally going for that much-awaited, action-packed girls’ night away? Wanderlust is real, and weekend trips are all about being spontaneous and fun. The past few years have been hard, and most of us haven’t had the time to step out and explore the world. 

Making a short tour ideal to start the traveling spree once again. However, planning a weekend trip comes with its fair share of challenges. From setting travel budgets to deciding what to pack — you need to plan ahead to make the best of your trip. 

Once you’ve decided on the perfect destination and your travel routes, let’s talk about some hair care essentials that you must take with you on the go. When you think of a travel hair care routine, keep three things in mind: cleanliness, hydration, and silky smoothness. 

So to keep your tresses tame and avoid any hair disasters to ruin your perfect ship, here’s what to need to pack: 

  1. Blonde Root Touch-Up Spray 

If your friends planned a last-minute trip, chances are you haven’t had the time to go to the salon to get your roots done. Blonde roots find a way to peep out at the wrong times. This is why you must keep a blond root touch-up spray within your hand’s reach when you are getting ready. 

Before a night out, you can simply apply the spray to your overgrown roots and mask them from showing until your next shower. 

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner 

Even if you are planning to go away for a few days, chances are you will still need your go-to shampoo and conditioner. 

Whether it’s a dive in the ocean or going for a hike in nature, you’ll want to freshen up in the shower once you return to your hotel room. It will help you relax and wash away the tiredness of the day. 

Plus, if you plan a tropical holiday, you must wash your hair more frequently due to the sweat and build-up from roaming around in the scorching heat. 

  1. Dry Shampoo

While dry shampoo is not a fix-all solution to cleaning up your hair, it is a quick and effective one. When you are on a short trip, you want to make every minute count. You can’t waste time washing your hair every other day. Hence, keeping a dry shampoo can be handy. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • You can use it on busy days to go an extra day without showering.
  • It can make your hairstyle last longer. 
  • If you are traveling to a cooler area, it can save you from the cold showers. 
  • You never run late for your dinners, even after a busy day. 
  1. Hair Masks 

Aside from the conditioner, your hair may need some extra care. Your hair may not adjust to the adventure as well as you want it to. Going into the pool, roaming around in tropical areas, or regular washing can strip your hair from moisture. 

Add a deep conditioning mask with natural ingredients to your hair essential when traveling. Once you use it, your hair looks fresher, voluminous, and bouncy. 

  1. Leave-in Hair Conditioner or Hair Balm

If you want your hair to be more manageable in the long run, then a leave-in conditioner or hair balm after you shower is excellent. A new atmosphere can make your hair become dry and tangled. A leave-in conditioner will add the moisture it needs, and a hair balm will help repair your hair without much effort. 

  1. Hair Oil or Serum

If your hair feels super dry, apply hair oil after a shower. Take a few drops of hair oil onto the palm of your hands, rub them together to warm the oil, and run your hands through wet hair. When your hair dries up, it will appear silky and shiny. 

If your scalp is already oily, you can opt for a hydrating, water-based hair serum. It can help with taming the frizz and fraying of hair. 

You can even use a hair serum a few times throughout the day, depending on how dry your hair feels. This is a good quick way to give your hair a fresh look. 

  1. Hair Brush or Comb

While this one may seem obvious, if you rely on our hair-care travel essential list, we might add it. It would help if you picked any hair-detangling tool that you prefer. It could be a hair brush or a hair comb. You can even add both or style hair in different ways. 

  1. Hair Mousse

If you have thin and flat hair, a volumizing hair mousse is a great product to make your hair look insta-worthy. Don’t shy away from packing one in case your hair is lifeless and dull, and the product can save your night from being a complete disaster. 

  1. Hair Spray 

While this one may not be a must-have, many people like to carry it. And if you think about it, it can really save the day. Some days it feels as if our hair has a mind of its own. Hence, you might get frustrated when you have a bad hair day. With a hair spray, you can style your hair and lock them into place with a few spritzes. 

  1. Styling Wands

Whether you are going for a hair curler or a hair straightener, it’s up to you. A hair straightener is most likely to give you more styling options. But a curling wand is better for a laid-back weekend where it’s all about relaxation and lavish dinners. Some people may find it hard to do curls with straighteners; then, the curler would help — or take both! 

  1. Heatless Styling Hair Tools

Damaging your hair with chemicals and heat may not sound like the best plan. That, too, is just for a weekend trip. But do you still want to make your hair look flawless? 

Pack a few heatless styling tools such as Velcro rollers or a silk belt with which you can do heatless curls. You can even pack a few scrunchies to tie up your hair in tiny buns at night, so when you wake up, you will have beautifully textured hair. 

  1. Silk Pillow Covers 

Friction causes hair to be damaged. Keeping a set of silk pillow covers in your bag would help. No matter where you stay, you can change the pillow covers and use silk ones. It would help if you made this a habit regardless of whether you are traveling. 

You will wake up with silkier and smoother hair each time. They also have a luxurious feel, so even on a budget-friendly trip, no one tops you from feeling like a queen. 

  1. Turban Towel Wrap

As mentioned in the previous point, friction damages hair and makes them appear dry, frayed, and frizzy. So, don’t make the mistake of rubbing your hair dry. We are conditioned to want to dry our hair roughly, but it is best to incorporate the habit of wrapping a turban towel. If you don’t have one, it is better to go for a soft t-shirt to cover your hair instead of a towel. 

  1. Hair Accessories 

Although not part of the hair care products, hair accessories can not be missed from this list. Do not forget to pack your favorite hair care accessories, including a sun hat to protect your hair from the heat. 

Also, pack a silk scarf to cover your head when it gets windy outside. Keep caps and hair ties with you to keep hair away from your face when hiking in the woods. 

  1. Hair SPF 

One should never forget their sunscreen. But did you know it is equally important to carry a hair SPF too? It protects your hair from sun damage, just as it protects your skin. 

UV light from the sun can cause your hair to dry out, and to keep it safe from that damage, you need a hair SPF spray. It would help if you used it on your scalp, all the way to your tips, making sure all of your hair is adequately covered in it. 

  1. Heat Protection Spray 

No one can stop you from looking your best on your trip. But we will surely guide you when it comes to damaging your hair with heat. And if you are still going to do it regardless, make sure that you pack a heat protection spray that you apply to your hair before you use heat on it.  

  1. Any Hair Treatment

If your hair aesthetician has recommended you a prescription for any hair treatments, make sure you carry those with you. Chances are, the place you are traveling to may not have the brand name you are looking for. 

Your treatments could include a scalp treatment for itchiness or dandruff, which may also trigger by traveling to new places, so keep your prescribed ointments, masks, or medications close to you at all times. 

Bottom Line

Packing hair essentials may be difficult, but once you have sorted them out — you are good to go. We hope our hair care essential travel list comes in handy when you head out on your new adventures.

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