11 Helpful Tips for New Parents

So, you’ve just welcomed a new member of the family?

Or perhaps you’re wondering how to get started on the journey of parenthood?

Whatever your reason may be, here are eleven tips to help navigate your parenting journey:


  • Cut Yourself Some Slack

The first tip to navigating the parenting journey is always to remember that patience is critical.

There’s no perfect way to be a parent. All children are different, meaning each of them has specific needs and desires. It can be quite cumbersome trying to figure it all out, and that’s ok.

Instead of beating yourself up, remember to always try your absolute best in raising your child.

And since you’re reading an article such as this, we’d say you’re off to a great start.


  • Get Baby Needs Ready

This might sound like a no-brainer. Many times, as new parents, you may get so absorbed in the newfound life that you end up purchasing many unnecessary trinkets for your child. Hence, stick to the basics. Here are a few things:

  1. Invest in comfortable clothing that won’t irritate your newborn’s skin.
  2. Get a quality Pram to make strolling with your child more comfortable.
  3. Pay attention to your newborn’s diet. There are some rules as regards feeding the newborn, such as exclusive breastfeeding, but you should do what best for you and the child.


  • Spend Time with Your Child

An important tip you need to remember is that the more time you spend with your baby, the more you will feel connected.

This means that if you don’t get to spend as much time with your baby as you would like, it could result in negative feelings between you and your baby.

As new parents, it’s essential to be actively involved in your child’s life to strengthen the bond and trust.


  • Implement A Routine

With a new baby comes new changes. Rather than get thrown into a whirlwind of new responsibilities, it’s best to get prepared early on.

Schedule times of the day dedicated to paying attention to your child’s needs. Seemingly simple tasks like feeding your baby, getting him changed, or well slept can create a dent in your work life if not adequately accounted for.

So be sure to put the right systems in place to accommodate them better.


  • Don’t Lose Yourself

It’s not uncommon to get so invested in taking care of your new child that you begin to lose touch with things you enjoyed doing.

While it is true that having a new member of the family can completely change your life, it doesn’t have to throw you off from engaging in healthy hobbies.

Implement a schedule to help you balance taking care of your new kid (or kids) with paying attention to your personal needs and desires.

You really can have the best of both worlds.


  • Find Time to Rest

Many times, new parents get so invested in taking care of the baby at the expense of their health. As a new mom or dad, you should know that you need adequate rest to help you function optimally. Try synchronizing your sleep schedule with that of your child. That way, you’d both be resting at the same time.


  • Ask for Help When Needed

As mentioned earlier, it is imperative to pay attention to your health by getting decent sleep and continuing to do things you’re interested in. It’s ok to ask for help when you feel overwhelmed.

There’s nothing wrong with delegating some basic tasks such as feeding, changing diapers, or getting dressed to a caregiver or other family members.

Most times, they’d be more than happy to help take some weight off your shoulders.


  • Connect with Other Parents

The age-old saying, “No one is an island of knowledge,” rings right with this tip.

Connecting with other parents, both new and old, serves as a healthy way to share stories and listen to advice from different people during their journey through parenthood.

Plus, it could also serve as a great way to develop new friendships for you and your child.


  • Kick Out Comparison

Always remember that every child is different. Be it in preferences or stages of development, and no two children are the same.

Refrain from comparing your child’s growth to that of other children. Not only does this tie your child’s development to someone else’s ward, but it also creates an unhealthy sense when it comes to thinking of your child.

Instead of comparing your child or your parenting to that of others, be fully involved in learning from the process and giving it your absolute best.


  • Consider Going for Counseling

Counseling can help you learn some communication skills and manage your frustrations better. You can also benefit from it if you are struggling with a parenting aspect that is affecting your relationship with your child or children. For parents, counseling can be an excellent choice, especially those who had just become single parents or divorced. Whatever it is you’re struggling with, the objective of counseling is to help you work on your weaknesses to make you a better parent.

A good counselor can teach you how to discover your problems and solve them in ways that work for you.


  • Enjoy the Journey

The last tip is to enjoy the journey. Being a parent is a full-time job. While it might feel like it only matters in the early years of your child’s life, know that it’s something that spans all through their existence.

There would be many times when you feel like you’re making a mess of the job. But the truth is the journey is the goal, and the downs matter just as much as the ups do. Treasure every little moment because, in the end, they are what truly matters.



There you have it. Eleven tips to help navigate your life as new parents. Learning how to care for a newborn baby can be very easy once you have the correct information. The best thing is never to give up. There will be many ups and probably a lot more downs; what matters most is that you do your best and trust the process through it all.

You’ve got this!


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