Best Lenovo Service Centre in Singapore

Laptops and Smartphones have become an essential part of everyday life. They store so much important data for us which comes in handy here and there. Sometimes we have an official collection of data in it like contact numbers of various employees at the office whom you need to contact for some work. And sometimes you store in them your personal data like memories of the past which may include any photograph, video aur voicenotes. With the improvement of Technology smart phones and laptops are capable enough to store any type of data in them. They have even replaced the letter and fax system which seems old school now with the coming of Gmail and other email portals through which we can exchange various official mails between people and companies. With so much important data stored in these gadgets we cannot afford to get them damaged and if we do then the situation can be really tricky. There are many big brands that offer laptops as well as smartphones and Lenovo is one of those brands that has been successful in making a mark for itself in the electronics market. If you are also a user of any Lenovo device and want to know which is the best Lenovo service centre in Singapore then you are going to find your answers in this blog.

In the current pandemic situation everyone is facing economic difficulties and is surrounded with acute anxiety over the economy making it tough to part with whatever funds we are still left with. Laptops and Smartphones are also impervious to your financial woes. Whenever they feel like misbehaving, crashing or expiring completely, they just do it and you are left to figure out what could be the least expensive solution – getting the laptop repaired or buying a new one.

What is the problem?

Before you get panicked with all the difficulties that your laptop or smartphone is posing at your funds and start searching for the best Lenovo service centre in Singapore just calm down and try to find out exactly what is the problem, before actually jumping on to take an action in order to fix your laptop. By trying to analyse the situation there can be things when a little common sense deductive logic will uncover the issue. For example sometimes problems that may seem really big can be fixed by trying some of the troubleshooting techniques. And if you feel that your technical knowledge is fairly decent then you can reach out to your tech savvy friend or relative or an IT person at work for their opinion. Otherwise you may be compelled to take the laptop or computer to a repair shop in order to find an estimate. The diagnosis that they are going to make may cost you around $50 to $70 or so depending upon the shop or the area you live in and so on. Some repair shops may also waive the Diagnostic fee if they make the repairs to your device.

Repair or replace?

Let’s jump back to our previous question that we were trying to find a solution to which was whether we need to get our laptop or smartphone repaired or replaced in case it gets damaged. Once you have got your device diagnosed and an estimate has been told to you, you need to decide whether it is worth the money if you get your device repaired. To find an answer to that you need to ask yourself some questions which are as follows:

  • How much a new laptop would cost? There are ideologies that if the repair cost is exceeding the one third cost of a relatively compatible brand new laptop your money is better spent on a new computer. Some consumer reports also suggest that if the repair is over half the cost of a replacement machine don’t get it repaired.
  • We can also have another perspective towards it according to which you need to make sure that a replacement laptop offers you at least two important features or benefits your ailing portable doesn’t.
  • How old is your laptop? According to some consumer reports it is said that spending money to repair a laptop 5 years old or older isn’t worth it. Anything under 2 years is generally worth repairing.
  • How significant is the problem? If the main logic Board of the device has failed then the situation is pretty serious and it may not be worth repairing the device whereas other problems such as a failed hard drive can seem to be a hassle to deal with but may only cause a few hundred dollars to get fixed.

Finding the best Lenovo service centre in Singapore will not be a problem at all once you have made a decision after answering or analysing the above questions. There are many options available online which offer many customer friendly policies in order to ensure a comfortable repairing experience for the people.