10 Wall Decor Ideas to Enliven your Space

Every wall in your home is filled with possibilities, a few creative additions can refresh your entire space in a jiffy. Letting you bring out your personality and taste, decorating your walls also gives you the opportunity to be surrounded by the things you adore. Indeed, it is the easiest way to amp up the style quotient and add character to your home.

If you are tired of staring at stark empty walls in your home, get ready to transform them into spaces of grandeur by adding avant-garde artworks, exquisite Maa Durga paintings, family photos, mixed media creations, vintage finds, and more. Read on to explore ten interesting wall art ideas to transform the bare walls into stylish centerpieces.

  • Go for Large-Scale Art

An oversized painting or photograph will act as a statement piece, commanding attention, at the same time set the tone in your space. You can try hanging a black-and-white photo in a minimalist decor setting or add color with a vibrant Tanjore Ganesha painting, or consider a vivid abstract piece.

  • Create a Gallery Wall

One of the easiest ways to pep up your home interiors, the gallery wall instantly transforms your bland space by adding more character and personality. You can go for a curated display of a collection of interesting art, photographs, prints, posters, or ephemera. However, make sure to think thematically. For the frames, you have ample options available, you can either look opt for simple, cohesive frames or maybe mix an array of ornate variations in stylish colors and materials so as to maintain a sense of harmony.

Remember that every part of your gallery does not have to be hung on your wall, you can play with levels and use the available surface as part of the display. For example, while working on a gallery wall positioned behind a credenza or entertainment center, you can place a statute on the surface of the furniture flanked strikingly on top by vivid Maa Durga paintings. This will help you build layers into your design and add depth to your room done in traditional Indian decor.

A pro tip that works well for smaller apartments is to extend the gallery wall right up to the ceiling, it helps in creating the illusion of a larger space.

  • Build an Accent Wall

An accent wall is an elegant way to enliven your home. With unlimited options of paints, surfaces, and materials available, it becomes all the more interesting to go decorating the walls themselves. You can go for putting a bright and bold paint color, or bring in pattern design with wallpapers, stenciling, or use any other decorative paint techniques to create your own accent wall. However, always be mindful about taking into account the color of the other walls in the room.

Know that accent walls are more than just paint, think out of the box and explore this secret decorating weapon. You can consider stone or tile for your accent wall or incorporate extensive shelving in a room lacking an architectural feature as well as storage. Such accents can have an even bigger impact in a small space.

Sometimes you can even go beyond while working on your accent wall and think about transforming your ceiling as well.

  • Showcase Fabric

Adding tapestry or wall hanging can infuse color and pattern, along with a sense of softness to your space. If you are in possession of vintage scarves or other gorgeous textiles, consider framing them to decorate your bare walls. The Kalamkari cotton textile art of Gujarat popularly known as Mata Ni pachedi looks splendidly as wall art in traditional decor settings.

Not only elegant to look at, but these are also a lot easier to move than other framed artworks particularly while heading to your next home.

  • Hang Mirrors

If you are looking for a stunning yet quick fashion to fill up your bare wall, consider hanging mirrors. These reflective artworks have the ability to make your dull corner instantly come to life. At the same time adding style to the room and reflecting light around the space, making it feel brighter and bigger. You can either go for an oversized mirror framed in a gold casing acting as a statement piece of art or display several smaller mirrors in salon-style to add sparkle to your walls.

  • Paint a Mural

To imbue the walls of your home with a  sense of glamour and elegance, you can consider adding a mural. Doesn’t matter if you hand-paint it or opt for a wall covering, it will surely make your space more inviting.  

A powerful motif such as a scenic landscape or a spiritual mural bursting with colors on your walls can make a big impact, transporting you to another place.

  • Hang Plates & Platters

This decor idea works great for space where you break your bread every day with family. Displaying your antique porcelain plates on the walls of your dining area can enliven the space quickly.

So, don’t hide your fine china in the cabinet instead go about showing it off. Look through your crockery cabinets, and display your favorite plates, dishes, and serving platters using wire plate hangers on your walls.

  • Add Sculptural Sconces

You can put a modern spin in your apartment with sculptural sconces. Acting as an extra source of light, these incredibly stylish pieces impart an eclectic feel to your space, livening up the otherwise dull walls. 

For an eclectic look, choose an eye-catching design of sconce that doubles as a wall sculpture adding light as well as sophistication.

  • Bring in Plants

You can easily infuse a garden feel to your home by adding a bit of green to the walls, plants need not be always made to sit on the windowsills. You can go for pretty hanging pots or wall-mounted terrariums and vases to bring nature to your space.

Get creative and come up with your own style to bring your walls to life using plants.

  • Add Texture With a Weaving

If you adore textiles, the popular macramé wall hangings are the perfect way to warm up your plain walls. Available in bold and subtle color combinations and an array of materials, weavings can add texture and dimension instantly transforming your space.

Wrap Up

Each of these wall decor ideas has its own beauty! You may like one idea more than the other, or maybe like to tweak some to suit your taste. Doesn’t matter what you prefer, always remember that the key to a perfectly decorated wall is to execute it the way you love!