Wood Stove/Backpacking Survival Stove, Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stove, Best Outdoor Hiking Picnic BBQ Survival


Easy to set up:

Step 1: Place the Combustion Chamber on Air Inlet Ring.

Step 2: Then Put the Ash Box into the Combustion Chamber;

Step 3: Finally Place the Stove Hob at the Top. And then you can enjoy yourself in outdoor yummy cooking.


Reduce the weight of the backpack, easy travel. Convenient to carry, when taken apart, saving space.

Advantages of Camping Backpacking Wood Stove

This backpacking stove with 3 arms pot support base provides a safe and stable cooking platform and distributes heat evenly. Use branches, leaves, woods as fuel from nature; No fuel canisters or alcohol needed; No chemical emissions behind. Super convenient for camping, hiking, picnic, all serious backpackers, survivalists, and other outdoor activities.

  • The holes at the bottom part provides efficient burning by letting air flow inside the burning area, help burning effectively.
  • Coming with an extra blowing fire bar, help you start a fire quickly.
  • Suitable for 2-3, 4-5 people.

Is it OK to use Wood Stove Backpacking for Mountain Area?

YES!!! It is absolutely OK using a wood-burning stove for backpacking for Mountain area’s trips. Have you ever consider the fact that your weight really matters while going on a backpacking trips, hiking, Camping etc. we should really appreciate its manufactures, for making a wood-burning stove, and this is one of the most considerable interest for the wood-burning stoves.

Fuel Type for Wood

Mostlyfive main fuel types when it comes to backpacking stoves: canister, liquid fuel, alcohol, wood-burning, and solid tablets.

l Liquid Fuel

All liquid stoves run on white gas, which is a highly refined, clean, and hot-burning fuel that can be purchased at most outdoor and hardware stores. Liquid and multi-fuel stoves are ideal for overseas travel. In sum, if you’ll be traveling anywhere

liquid fuel is a great choice.

Wood Collection

Usually pick up a couple of handfuls of small sticks lying on the ground and maybe some pine cones to help start the fire because they make good tinder.

If it’s rained and all the wood available is wet, it can help to carry some ESBIT fuel cubes so you can boil water or cook food for a day or two until the weather clears up. Just stick an ESBIT cube inside the wood stove and use it as a combination pot stand and windscreen, like you would with wood. It can also help to prop the fuel cube up higher in the stove so that it’s closer to the bottom of your cook-pot.

Is wood-burning stove cheaper than gas?

A wood stove is cheaper in terms of fuel source than gas stoves they are both an excellent heat source for cooking and boiling but considering the price of gas the wood-burning stove is cheaper since it is free.

What amount of heat produced

Quality of the wood you use, air flow and the amount of fuel being burned can produce heat. Even if you have plenty of wood in your stove, it may go out due to lack of air. The shorter you have to cut your sticks to fit in your stove and if the top of your firebox is smaller than the bottom of your pot, the heat will be concentrated in a small area causing a hot spot. This isn’t a problem if all you are doing is boiling water. Basically it depends on the procedure how you use.

What kind of stove need for backpacking?

Canister stoves are the most effective option and the most popular type among backpackers for their efficiency, ease of use, and pack-ability. Very efficient and simple to use, clean burning, fast boil times, relatively lightweight and compact. Canister are thoughtful designs transfer heat effectively and keep wind out.


Over the years, the result of wood-burning stoves was and now 100% and gives you satisfaction and the majority of recommended stoves are stainless steel because it’s thicker and useful for happy cooking family.

Product details

Material               Stainless Steel

Size                     Top 8cmx

Height                  16.5cmx

Bottom                  13.5cm

Package content: 1x stainless steel camping stove


  • Camping stove: Made of 100% high-quality stainless steel. This backpacking stove with 3 arms pot support base provides safe and stable cooking platform.
  •  Compact and lightweight with carrying handle – can easily be     placed in a bag without bag.
  •  No fuel canisters, no chemical emissions, no batteries, less carbon-suction. Suitable for camping, hunting, hiking, picnicking and other outdoor cooking activities.