Why Your Business Needs to Buy an 0207 Number

Nearly all businesses can benefit from buying an 0207 telephone number for their customers and clients to call. The good news is that you do not have to have an office in the capital to benefit from an 0207 business number. You can put one on your business cards, publish it on your social media, print it on your sales literature, have it displayed on your company vehicles and publish it on your website without needing to be London based. This is because business telephone numbers can now be bought which will transfer callers to anywhere you like, even redirecting them to your mobile phone if you want. Given that you could pick any local area code to operate in this way, why could an 0207 number be optimal?

Create a Good First Impression

To begin with, giving a potential new customer an 0207 business number to call you on will make the right sort of impression. The same goes for suppliers and others who you might want to impress at your first encounter. This is because London is widely regarded as one of the world’s most important economic powerhouses, let alone being a lynchpin of the UK’s economy. By publishing an 0207 business number, people will associate your firm with the capital and that may, in turn, help to generate the right business tone you want to create.

Maintain a London Presence at a Fraction of the Cost

If you do not want to rent office space in one of the most expensive cities to operate in anywhere in the UK, then you don’t have to with an 0207 number that will divert incoming callers to any other telephone number you like. According to Cleartone Communications, a firm that provides 0208 and 0203 numbers to businesses as well as 0207 numbers, by publishing a London business telephone number, companies that operate around the capital in places like Harlow, Leatherhead or Orpington will obtain more enquiries from Londoners simply because they business is not using their own local area code and London callers like to deal with London-based companies. Of course, you could base yourself anywhere in the UK and still make it seem as though you have offices in London when you buy an 0207 number.

Boost National and International Inbound Calls

It is not just generating calls from Londoners and London-based businesses that will result from publishing an 0207 telephone number. On average, you will also get more calls from outside the capital, too. When someone is looking for a product or service and they see a few companies that provide it, they are often more inclined to call the number they most recognise and an 0207 number is one of the most recognisable of all.

Sound Better Established

Finally, it is worth remembering that 0207 numbers have been around for some time. Companies that have them don’t merely sound as though they are based in the capital but that they are established traders there, too. As such, you can give even a start-up company a sense of greater permanence and professionalism thanks to the addition of an 0207 number as a means of getting in contact.