Why You Should Consider XDB Token As Your Preferred Branding Currency

What is DigitalBits?

The aim of DigitalBits is to enable enterprises to tokenize their assets and conduct decentralized exchange transactions using a blockchain protocol. The protocol is developed on the Stellar blockchain, a cost-effective and rapid blockchain platform that is particularly suited for financial transactions.

By using DigitalBits, businesses can effortlessly generate and oversee digital tokens that symbolize various forms of assets, including virtual currency, loyalty points, and other valuable commodities. These tokens can subsequently be traded on a decentralized exchange, which provides businesses with more freedom and authority over their digital assets.

DigitalBits utilizes smart contracts to enforce trading regulations and regulate the issuance and transfer of assets, which is one of its most notable features. Smart contracts are autonomous agreements that include the conditions of the agreement between the buyer and seller in code, allowing for quicker and more efficient trading without the need for intermediaries.

What is XDB(DigitalBits) token?

The DigitalBits blockchain protocol has its own token called XDB, which functions as the main currency for paying transaction fees on the network. Apart from this, XDB has various other applications within the ecosystem.

The XDB token has the following salient characteristics and use cases:

  • Payment for transaction fees: To carry out any operation on the DigitalBits blockchain, such as asset issuance, transfer, or trading on the decentralized exchange, XDB tokens are required to cover the associated transaction fees.
  • Incentivizing network participation: XDB tokens have the potential to incentivize user participation in the network. This means that businesses can offer XDB tokens as rewards to users who engage with their loyalty programs or other digital assets, thereby encouraging their active involvement.
  • Facilitating cross-border payments: The DigitalBits blockchain enables cross-border payments through the use of XDB tokens. These tokens can be easily exchanged for other digital assets and fiat currencies, providing a cost-effective and effortless method for transferring value across international borders.
  • Staking for network governance: The DigitalBits network provides token holders with the ability to stake their XDB tokens and participate in network governance. This involvement enables token holders to vote on proposals related to the management of the network and the development of the protocol.

What is the current price of XDB Token?

It has a maximum supply of 20,000,000,000 XDB coins and a circulating supply of 3,056,622,217 XDB coins. The highest price paid for DigitalBits(XDB) is $0.8507, which was recorded on Nov 21, 2021. At the time of writing, XDB market cap is 6,017,009. The current XDB token price is $0.00181 per coin. The 24-hour trading volume for the coin is $1,455,608.

Where can you buy DigitalBits(XDB)?

Both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges allow trading of XDB tokens. MEXC Global is the most well-liked marketplace for purchasing and selling XDB tokens.

How to Buy XDB Tokens?

You can use the MEXC Global search bar to search for “XDB” to view available trading pairs.

And you can also find a detailed guide on how to buy XDB token.

How Does DigitalBits Work ?

The DigitalBits protocol is constructed on the Stellar blockchain and enables the tokenization of assets and their decentralized exchange by businesses. The following is an explanation of its operation:

  • Asset Tokenization: DigitalBits protocol facilitates the process of asset tokenization for businesses, enabling them to produce and handle digital tokens that signify various assets, including virtual currency, loyalty points, and other types of value. The DigitalBits SDK is utilized to create these tokens, offering businesses a user-friendly set of interfaces and tools to manage their digital assets.
  • Asset Issuance: After generating digital tokens, businesses can distribute them to their clients or partners through the asset issuance process. This issuance can occur either as a one-time activity or as a recurring program like a loyalty scheme.
  • Asset Transfer: The DigitalBits blockchain facilitates the transfer of digital tokens between its users, which facilitates the exchange of value without requiring intermediaries. These transfers leverage the distributed consensus mechanism of the Stellar blockchain, ensuring that transactions are secure and irreversible.
  • Decentralized Exchange: The DigitalBits protocol provides a decentralized exchange platform for the trading of digital tokens, where buyers and sellers can engage directly without intermediaries. This exchange utilizes smart contracts to execute trades, enforce trading regulations, and govern the issuance and transfer of assets.

All things considered, the DigitalBits protocol offers businesses a quick, secure, and economical means to produce and manage digital assets, as well as to trade such assets on a decentralized market. DigitalBits provides a strong and adaptable framework for the tokenization of assets by utilizing the Stellar blockchain’s characteristics.